Bath For Weight Loss

Bath For Weight Loss
Taking a bath is not only a method of cleansing the body. It is also a great way for relaxing, improving health, or getting a better effect on cosmetic procedures.

Of course, baths are different – you can adjust the temperature, time of stay, completeness of immersion, and components you may add to the water.

It all depends on your goals.

Our topic for today is a bath for weight loss. As you already know (you have read my weight loss posts, right?), you need to regulate your nutrition and do some workouts to normalize weight.

But here’s how you can use a bath for weight loss, what benefit you may get, and how effective it may be.

Salt Water Bath To Cut Weight

The common ingredient that people add to baths is salt. So, let’s start with the salt baths.

It is easy to make it – buy sea salt (you can find it in pharmacies and grocery stores) and pour it into your bath.

You can use traditional table salt, but sea salt is much more effective because it contains potassium, bromine, iodine, and magnesium. These elements influence the nervous system.

That leads to activation of metabolic processes, normalizes water-salt balance, and cleanse the body of toxic deposits and excess fluid.


With the help of such baths, you can replenish potassium and other elements in the body, especially after a hard workout.

It is crucial to determine the concentration of salt in a bath. In general, it is from one pound to two pounds for a standard bath (35 – 45 gallons). A smaller concentration will not give the desired effect, but a bigger one may even harm your health.

Too much salt will lead to peeling and dryness of the skin, and it is also a high load on the heart and kidneys. A very salty (and even hot) bath raises the blood pressure even for healthy people.

Salt Bath Contraindications

Hence the contraindications: you can not take a salt bath in diseases of the skin, cardiovascular system, gynecological and kidney diseases, hypertension, fever.

It is not a good idea to use salt baths to normalize low blood pressure either.

Also, don’t take such baths while pregnant, intoxicated, or immediately after a meal.

How To Take A Salt Bath

The water temperature ranges from 36-39 C (97 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit). Warmer water is harmful to the heart, and colder can lead to colds. You should stay in the bath for 10-15 minutes.

Before the procedure, it is better to clean the skin with a scrub, and after – use a moisturizing cream or body milk. Immediately after leaving the bath for 20-30 minutes, protect yourself from physical activity.

It is better to take such bath no more than three times a week, on a course basis of 10-15 sessions.

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Weight Loss With Herbal Bath

Another quite well-known type of detox water procedure is herbal baths. They help to lose weight and improve your looks by warming the body with water full of useful herbal elements: microelements, vitamins, and minerals.

A herbal bath nourish skin, affect the lymphatic flow, and tone the cardiovascular system. Of course, herbals will not break down fat but can improve blood circulation.

Herbal Bath Recipe And Usage

Initially, you need to prepare a decoction of the selected herbs, which should then infuse for 15-30 minutes.

Then pour it into the bath at a temperature of 97-102 F degree.

Taking such bath should not exceed 20 minutes.

You can learn the properties of various decoctions of herbs and choose a suitable one.


For example, you can use this recipe: St. John’s wort, mint, nettle, and rose hips in equal proportions. The total weight of the herbal mixture is about 200 grams (0,44lbs).

All this is poured with a liter of boiling water and kept for half an hour. The decoction is ready for use.

Pour it into the prepared bath, and enjoy.

Mint and St. John’s wort act as diaphoretic elements. Nettle and rose hips have a positive effect on the skin, saturating it with vitamins.

It is good to use a bath with thyme. It normalizes metabolic processes in the skin, and as a consequence, helps to make it fresher and get rid of the initial appearance of cellulite. For this purpose, use 100-150 grams (0,22-0,33lbs) of thyme. It is poured with boiling water (so that there is enough saturation), kept for half an hour, and then strained.

One session of taking such herbal bath should be no more than 20 minutes.

Contraindications To Herbal Baths

Herbal baths also have contraindications – primarily heart disease, inflammatory processes, and allergies. Therefore, choose herbs very carefully, and if you have any doubts, it is better to consult a specialist.

In Conclusion

No matter how efficient such detox bath procedures are. It is necessary to remember that sufficient weight loss without proper nutrition and physical activity is impossible.

Therefore, it is crucial to organize your day, make a nutrition plan, and do exercises. Use baths as a pleasant and useful addition.





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