EFT and Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

EFT and Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

With so many options available for your journey to weight loss, there are times that you have tried almost everything but have failed in losing weight effectively. One of the numerous options that only a few people know is losing weight through EFT and hypnotherapy, and now you will find out how.

Methods to Clear Blockages With EFT

EFT is a technique that can release fear and stress that cause blockages in your body and mind. When the blockage is softened or removed, energy flows freely, and you experience a sense of calm and well-being. The Emotional Freedom Technique treatment aims to release chemicals that have clogged the cell receptor sites in the body. These chemicals can keep you from performing your best or trap you in negative thoughts to keep you from reaching your highest potential.

Suppose you have lots of blockages in your system. In that case, you can feel depressed or stay in self-doubt that makes you low in self-esteem, and this can keep you from changing your life and becoming healthy – simply because your mind tells you that you aren’t worthy of a happy life or simply that you can’t reach your full potential.

EFT removes mental, emotional, and physical blocks. The treatment’s primary purpose is to allow your body and mind to return to a state of overall balance. Therefore, your body and mind will allow you to function at your optimal level. As chemicals are flushed from your cells, the emotional intensity quickly shifts from high to low.

EFT tapping points

By EFT tapping, you experience a physical feeling of relaxation, a lowered heart rate, and deeper breathing. Thinking moves into a more rational, neutral mode because the brain is not flooded by past or recent disturbances, and with a clean system, you will be able to start with new positive thinking where you are heading the right way. To know more on how to do EFT tapping read this tutorial.

Below you find a technique called: “The Two Minute Release Technique” created by Silvia Hartman based on techniques by Gary Craig and John Diebold. It’s a technique that will let you see if EFT works for you, and it’s a way to eliminate fear and stress that is causing blockages in different forms. EFT can treat food obsessions, food disorders and a way to release blockages that keeps you from losing weight or being healthy. You can contact an EFT therapist to get your treatment started.

? Improve your body image and self-esteem

Body image is a perception of how we see our physical self in the mind’s eye. It is always subject to change depending on mood or physical experiences. The perception of ourselves is closely linked to your self-esteem. If you work on your body image regularly, so we change negative thoughts and perceptions about your self-esteem, your overall health will improve.

An improvement in body image will play an essential part in anyone’s weight loss program – a negative body image may be the reason why so many fail to lose weight.

Just think about what you said to yourself when you woke up this morning. Did you say: “You are beautiful and good enough” or did you say: “my clothes don’t fit me because I am fat and I have wrinkles?” Self-criticism leads to poor self-esteem and negative body image, creating weight issues or eating disorders.

? Change Perception of Yourself and Release Weight Problems

Love your body as it is. Verbalize this love for your body in place of verbalizing self-criticisms. Feel the love for yourself as you look in the mirror.

Practice this exercise daily until it feels normal – positive feelings create positive choices to support your best body. Improving your self-esteem and body image will naturally lead to weight loss. When we feel good, we make better choices about food and exercise. Good intentions are replaced with comfort foods, inactivity, and self-criticism when we feel bad. Compliment daily.

Eliminate all self-critical thoughts and statements as you recognize them in daily life. Compliment yourself multiple times daily on your look and positive actions. Good choices are replaced with comfort foods, inactivity, and self-criticism when we feel bad. Work on your body image and self-esteem to become a happy, healthy, and loving person.

Permanent Weight Loss With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy refers to the hypnosis technique through which the individual’s subconscious mind is addressed. It is a psychological approach to amend the mind, body, and soul for a happy life. A professional hypnotherapist uses the technique to impart the individual’s beneficial, positive, and thoughtful suggestions. Generally, hypnotherapists require the individuals to a deep relaxing stage, a form of sleep without consciousness and awareness.

When the individuals are taken to a deep relaxation stage, they tend to open up their untold emotions to the hypnotherapists. For instance, untold past miseries, stressful factors, fear, etc., are brought out through the hypnotic therapy sessions. Based on the statements revealed by the subconscious mind, an appropriate message is imparted to an individual who gets complete relief from any misery.

Hypnotherapy is one of the proven methods to offer an array of benefits to humanity, and one such benefit is weight loss. Hypnotherapy weight loss is not a new technique, relatively new to the people of the millennium. It works great and brings highly effective results on people with excessive weight and heavy bodies.

Conditions that may respond to hypnotherapy include:

  • Weight loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Indigestion (dyspepsia)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Tension headaches
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Addictions
  • Skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Stress

The term Hypnotherapy weight loss may be a bit misleading. The term is believed to have different facets and meanings with other approaches. It implies an effective slimming system, a complete weight loss diet system, a practical energy-building method, and seldom of this is right. Hypnotherapy has no correlation with these aspects, where it aims at shedding pounds by bolstering willpower.

You have to remember that you cannot gain weight overnight or in a few days, and it takes a considerably longer time to gain weight and have a heavy body. In simple terms gaining weight is a gradual process, which applies to losing weight. No weight-loss method or technique can make you shed weight in a day or two. Hypnosis never helps you lose 15 to 20 pounds overnight and promises to get a flat tummy in a few hours. It is not magic to create an immediate impact. It takes a good time to shed pounds and transform to a flat belly with reduced pulpiness. Unlike other weight loss techniques, weight loss with hypnotherapy is permanent.

Get your subconscious mind motivated with hypnotherapy weight loss towards achieving the weight loss goals:

Hypnotherapy weight loss techniques preach the messages to the subconscious mind of the trainees and enable them to induce their body to burn more energy leading towards weight loss. It transforms poor lifestyle habits, improper eating, and diet, etc.

Controling Food Urge With Hypnotherapy

Gaining weight is mainly associated with overeating and a constant urge for food. Starvation is often mistaken as the urge for food, where starvation is a natural process, and the state of mind develops the urge for food. Obviously, these are two different emotions.

You can control your appetite for food to reduce weight with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has a different approach to managing the urge for food, resulting in losing weight. Irrespective of various systems to weight loss and slimming plans, Hypnotherapy techniques will help. It focuses and fixes lifestyle habits as well as eating habits.

The weight loss techniques to reduce cravings involve hearing the recorded music or voice that reaches and stimulates the subconscious mind. A considerable amount of the population have fixed their over-weight and succeeded in reducing pounds.

The stimulated subconscious mind with enhanced willpower reduces cravings and increased appetite, and it enables you to diminish the frequent cravings and builds your body towards maintaining natural hunger. The subconscious mind is rebuilt and reprogrammed with new and healthy consuming habits. That results in shedding pounds by reducing the intake of more food.

Subsequently, hypnotherapy fixes the urge for food and assists in shedding pounds and effective medication for treating an eating disorder.

The hypnotic therapies aim at stimulating, healing, and reconciling the consciousness about human power and energy. It creates an enduring, robust, and lucid state of self-awareness on self strength and power.

Results and benefits of hypnotic therapy on stimulating weight loss and gaining overall health: Create sense to the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind and body to stay healthy and fit. Alleviates the barriers and blockages in mind and body, resulting in deprived energy. The physical malfunctions, mental disorders, and psychological disturbances manage and reduce pain while performing strenuous exercise.

Extend nutritious energy to the body, which invariably helps in transforming the entire body with no physical flaws. Tune the mind and encourage the subconscious mind with “the will and enduring desire to health and wholeness to have a beautiful body with ideal weight” for the rest of the life. That results in a well-toned, well-tuned body and mind with positive thoughts, enhanced energy flows, and overall transformation.

On the whole, hypnotic therapy achieves weight loss goals and assists in getting a well-toned, sculpted body. It stimulates the energy flow in the body, resulting in developing positive thoughts.

Balance your life at every level will help you lose weight and become healthy inside and out

Weight loss is not only about losing weight, but it’s also a change of perception and change of lifestyle. Sometimes blockages in a person’s mind make it hard to change eating habits or way of thinking of themselves. Lack of self-esteem, emotional trauma, or eating disorders can be reasons we have difficulties changing, and sometimes low self-esteem can hold us back from being the persons we truly are. We don’t think that we can be everything that we dream of, and sometimes a consular can help you during the process to eliminate psychological blockages. Together with the right food and exercise, a free mind is what causes the result.

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