Female Body Shapes

Female Body Shapes

As a fitness trainer, I divide female body shapes into five main types: A – triangle, T – inverted triangle, X – hourglass, O – round, and H – rectangle. Why only five? Because this classification goes alongside my fitness practice. That is what I see in reality. This typology allows you to adequately build a training program and formalize the correct nutrition for women so that the results are as fast and powerful as possible.

Of course, even this classification, like any other, is not without drawbacks. It does not take into account the size and shape of the bust, length of legs, type of face, and much more. That is because these areas cannot be affected by fitness (well, almost none). Therefore, I consider these disadvantages insignificant.

How To Know Your Body Shape?

Treat this typology with a certain amount of humor and some suspicion. After all, these are pure standards, to which only a small number of women match by all means. A large number of the cutest women have a body build between these types.

Their body shape can be a mix of two or three ones, also with different combinations of weight, length of legs, bust volume, etc. Unfortunately, I do not yet have reliable data on the psychological characteristics of each female body shapes.

However, since I started using this typology, it has been much easier for me to work with clients in a fitness club. And our results have become more exact.

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Why Do You Need To Know Your Body Shape?

Before we take a closer look at female body shapes, I have to tell you why you need to define which one you have.

If you know your body shape, you already know what your problem areas are. So, you can organize your workout and know what results you can get. Also, you will be able to use special procedures to help level out your problem areas.

For example, women with body shape A face with a heavy bottom. Therefore, the accent in training should be on balancing the lighter top and reduce the heavy base. Besides, a woman with type A can count on a pronounced thin waist, unlike a woman with type H, for whom a noticeable small waist is hardly achievable.

No, I do not want to say there are bad and good female body shapes. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. And a smart approach to training and choice of clothes (hairstyles, makeup, jewelry) can turn any shortcomings into clear benefits.

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Five Main Female Body Shapes

| Type A

Body Type A
The main features of this type are wide hips and relatively narrow shoulders. Even if the shoulders and pelvis are about the same width, the hips still look more massive than the shoulders and arms.

Women of this type tend to gain fat in the hips and buttocks. When they gain weight, fat deposits mainly in these areas, and sometimes you can see a woman with a graceful, even fragile top and a very massive bottom. The waistline can be small at the same time. Many people call this body shape – ‘a pear.’

| Type T

Body Type T
Women with this body shape usually have wide shoulders and narrow hips. The waist may be small, but not expressed just because of narrow hips. If a woman of this type gets fat, she may find that fat mainly deposits on her back, shoulders, and chest.

| Type X

Body Type X
Many people consider this type to be the most successful in terms of modern concepts of female beauty. Women with this body shape have almost identical width of shoulders and hips. The waist is small, pronounced. Usually, women of such type have proportional figures, with beautiful lines.

If a woman with type X gets fat, the fat is deposited evenly all over her body. It often doesn’t spoil the figure at all. Moreover, many men (and it is not a secret) go crazy over such women!

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| Type O

Body Type O
Women of this type have a wide waist by nature. When they gain weight, the fat is placed mainly in the waist area. While slimming, fat from there goes away in the last place. This body shape is also called “an apple ?.”

| Type H

Body Type H
The most characteristic feature of this female body shape is an unpronounced waist. The body is about the same width in the chest, waist area, and hips. That is also true for slim women.

If a woman of type H gets fat, the fat is deposited evenly all over her body. At the same time, the figure stays even without curves.

In Conclusion

Those were the five main female body shapes. In the real world, women may have a mixture of these types. However, it is a good idea to find out what body shape you have the most. It will help you to understand what results you may get with workouts or diets and what is not achievable for you. So, if you have defined your body shape, that’s half the success. Next time I will talk about how to lose weight for a woman ?.


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