Is hCG Diet Success Or Not?

Is hCG Diet Success Or Not?
The hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin diet has emerged as a popular way to drop extra pounds. The diet calls for severe calorie restriction along with injections or supplements of the hCG hormone.

Many health experts argue people may lose weight in the short term by going on the hCG diet because of the calorie restriction. However, most dieters will eventually gain back the pounds they lose once they go off the diet. In addition, there are safety concerns about hCG. The effects are not certain, and the Food and Drug Administration has not approved it for weight loss.

According to the MayoClinic, as a prescription medication, hCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy and mainly used for fertility issues. The hCG diet is based on the premise that the hormone suppresses the appetite. It prevents dieters from feeling weak and lightheaded while restricting food intake to fewer than 800 calories a day, much lower than the recommended amount of calories people need every day for adequate nutritional needs.

The diet also promises that people will lose pounds quickly along with several inches around their stomach and hips. As with any fad diet, dieters should be cautious about all the hype surrounding the treatment.

Facts About The hCG Weight Loss

hCG weight loss is perhaps one of the newest innovations when it comes to dieting. There are dozens of diets out there that claim to be the best. As dieter, you end up confused about which one to go for. The truth here is, there are good diets out there. And the trick here is to know which one will suit you according to your needs, lifestyle, and metabolic requirements. The hCG weight loss diet is one of today’s newest innovations to help dieters shed off extra pounds.

What is hCG?

Before you start knowing more about the diet, you first need to understand what hCG is and its function in the body. hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin—it’s a hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women. It almost entirely controls the metabolism of the body through the hypothalamus. hCG is being used in dietary supplements and for fertility treatments in small amounts. hCG is created in laboratories from sterile cells, and it is not extracted from women or animal urine as most people think.

What is hCG for Weight Loss?

hCG for weight loss is a practice that aids people to lose as much as 1 to 3 pounds daily. People interested in this diet must be on a very low-calorie diet, also known as VLCD. hCG is a natural hormone that raises the body’s rate of metabolism when it stores fat. hCG and VLCD will guarantee a significant drop in your weight in a short period.

According to health experts, hCG in relatively small amounts can separate movable fat from the body, burn it, and discharge it through the kidneys. It enables the fat cell membranes to open, allowing fatty acids to leave the fat cells.

As mentioned earlier, this kind of diet will work best when accompanied by a very low-calorie Diet (around 500 calories a day), eventually leading to low glycogen and glucose levels in the bloodstream. To sum it up, the VLCD will release the unwanted fat but leaving the good fat behind and aids your hypothalamus to reset your normal weight.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

When on an hCG diet, you will most likely lose a pound or two per day. According to statistics, the most weight a dieter may lose is 5 pounds a day, depending on your metabolism. If you want to lose weight fast, you may have to increase your intake of vegetables and mix fresh salads on your meals and increase your fiber and water intake.

Men and women can get hCG Weight Loss injections to lose weight, but it is highly recommended that that person consults a physician before the shots regarding this. Of course, pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to get hCG shots.

hCG Side Effects

hCG side effects include blood clots, depression and headaches, breast tenderness and enlargement, says Anemona Hartocollis in the New York Times article “Diet with Hormone has Fans and Skeptics.” Many professionals who help people lose weight with hCG state dieters need extra medical tests that are usually expensive.

Keep in mind that diets that promise quick, specious miraculous fixes are usually fad diets. The best way to lose weight is to talk with a doctor first and then make permanent diet and lifestyle changes that are effective and safe for health.

In Conclusion

The hCG Weight Loss may seem too good to be true, but it seems that it is not that safe to use for weight loss. The mere fact that the FDA disapproves it is already something that you should think about before jumping to it. But of course, the last decision will always be on the dieter and his/her physician. The good thing is that it has been used since the 1950s but for fertility and now for weight loss.

If you are interested in getting hCG shots, you may also want to consider the required VLCD. A 500 calorie daily intake is not that easy as it will need you to eat either calorie-free or low-calorie foods, and for this, you may want to consult your dietitian. The point here is to make sure that you seek health expert’s opinions before starting the hCG weight loss diet. And to summarize everything above:

PROS of hCG diet
✅ It is accessible—can be bought online and at clinics
✅ Faster weight loss results—you can lose as much as 1-3 pounds in a day

CONS of hCG diet
❌ Not FDA approved because of the potential health risks it holds, such as fatigue, headache, and mood swings, and the worst is the ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome and the arterial blood clots
❌ Malnutrition because of the very restricted caloric intake
❌ Costly because you will have to spend $130 to $450 for a span of 6-weeks for the supplies


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