Life Priorities And Fitness

Life Priorities

Today I would like to talk about life priorities and fitness. I wonder if anyone has researched the relationship between regular exercise and the general level of workability?

I think if anyone has, they’ve found out that people who are active in fitness have a much greater potential for mental and physical work. I know this from my own experience.

Be A Friend To Yourself

I exercise about 4-7 hours a week. In summer it is running, biking, and soccer. And in winter – skiing, hockey, snowboarding and sometimes swimming. That’s about an hour a day. Is that a lot?

I think not. But it is enough to be in good shape and give my brain a rest from hard work during the day.

I asked myself many times, “Why don’t most people do fitness or some simple exercises?” After all, there are only positives!

But instead, people burn out their lives at work, don’t know what pills to buy to get rid of excess weight, think about how to quit smoking and drinking and how to live a happy life.

I didn’t see any logic in that. Why not do something that gives obvious benefit and instead do something that destroys the body?

And I found the answer in one of the books on self-improvement by Stephen Covey, who said that everyone lives based on their life priorities.

Let’s prioritize

Priorities might look like this:
? Career and money
? Family
? Health and fitness
? Spiritual development
? Friends
? Other

Or like this:
? Family
? Health and fitness
? Careers & Money
? Friends
? Spiritual development
? Other

Or whatever – there can be so many options.

If a person says they don’t have time for fitness because they have a lot of work, young children, etc., it means that they have put their health and fitness below other values.

Family Fitness

Life Priority Example

There was a cool example from the book of Mr.Covey.

A boss asked his worker to stay in the office and work overtime for extra pay. However, this man has planned to go to the theater with his family in the evening.

That is where life priorities come into play. If he prioritizes ‘career and money‘ higher than his ‘family,’ he will call his wife and tell her that his boss has asked him to stay and there won’t be a trip to the theater.

If it is the other way around, this man will tell his boss that, sadly, there is no way he can work late because he has to be at the theater with his family in an hour and the tickets already in hand.

That is neither good nor bad❗ It’s just everyone lives according to their life priorities.

As conclusion

I am also often tempted to work instead of working out. If it’s not some super urgent task, I always tell myself that it won’t run anywhere, but I cannot buy health. After that, I take my bike or snowboard and go for a ride.

And what are your life priorities?


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