My Favorite Weight Loss Tools

Revised on 24.12.2022My Favorite Weight Loss Tools
Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. There are people around every corner trying to sell gimmicky weight loss products and get-thin-quick tools. Some weight loss tools aren’t gimmicks, but how does one navigate these treacherous waters? Well, you need an adventure guide!

Each item listed on this page is something I use regularly. I consider these items to be essential to weight loss success. I don’t include any links where you can purchase or download them. That is not so important. If you want, you can google them. But I’ll give you a short review of every tool and explain why I find them useful. I hope these tools will help you as much as they have helped me lose over 70 pounds!

#1 Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker
My choice: Fitbit Charge 4 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Special Edition

After doing careful research and asking around for recommendations, I got my Fitbit Charge 4 HR for Christmas and put it on my Amazon wishlist… Thanks, sis! I’m so glad I have this! After wearing it for a whole month, the scientist in me decided to calculate the device’s accuracy based on how much weight I had lost over the same time, how much I had consumed, and compare that with what Fitbit thought had burned.

total calorie intake + (weight lost x 3,500) = calorie burn according to the Fitbit

It was exactly right! (within 0.2 lbs) I was amazed at how close Fitbit was to reality. I was very impressed. It is not only a weight-loss tool, but this will be extremely handy for weight maintenance. Don’t forget, once you lose the weight, you have to continue using the skills you’ve learned to keep that weight off! Fortunately, technology like this Fitbit is making it much easier! It is a really powerful tool to know how many calories you burn so that you can reduce your calories to lose weight consistently! Additional features include a food tracker and fun challenges and adventures to encourage you to exercise and move more!

#2 Fitness App

My choice: MyFitnessPal
Fitness App
For several years, I’ve been using this website/app to track everything I eat, drink, lick, chew, taste, and bite. It is a unique food tracking system! I highly recommend it, especially if you’re not using a food tracking app already! MyFitnessPal has a website and apps for your phone. I have the app on my iPad and iPhone, so I am never too far from a tracker. I also use this to track my weight, allowing the app to create lovely motivating progress graphs! It’s always so nice to see that number go down! This app is of the freemium variety.

A “premium” option costs money, removes ads, and adds a few extra options. I only use the free version as it has everything I need, including a recipe builder and barcode scanner. If there’s one thing you can do to start on the road to weight loss, it’s downloading this free app and start tracking! Just do it!

#3 Food Kitchen Scale

Food Kitchen Scale
My choice: Etekcity Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale,11lb 5kg, Silver, Stainless Steel

I have had a couple of different food scales over the last couple of years, but let’s say this first: YOU NEED ONE! Estimating portion sizes, and even measuring solids with a measuring cup, is a recipe for disaster. Namely, you’ll think you’re eating at a deficit, but your measuring cups and your eyes will lie to you!

The critical features that your food scale must have are a zero or tare button. So you don’t accidentally count the weight of your plate instead of just the food on it. Another necessary feature is grams and ounces to weigh anything regardless of the serving sizes listed in g. or oz. Trust me; this makes so much difference. You can be confident that what you eat is what you log in to your food tracker with a food scale. Accuracy is essential here.

#4 Bathroom Scale

Bathroom Scale
My choice: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large Lighted Display, 400 Pound

If our goal is to lose and eventually maintain our weight, we must be able to measure it! This bathroom scale helps do that exceptionally well. It can weigh up to 400 pounds, which is rare for a scale, and you can be sure it will hold you! After I go to the bathroom, I weigh myself every morning before I eat or drink anything. I have become used to my weight fluctuations (due to water, PMS, Chinese food, etc.), but the long-term graph in MyFitnessPal or Fitbit always shows a downward trend. If you don’t have a bathroom scale, you need one! Keep in mind that losing “weight” on a scale is different than losing fat, so if you feel you’re doing everything right. The scale isn’t playing along!

# 5 Cookware Set

Cookware Set
My choice: Calphalon Signature Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-piece, Silver (1950766)

I contemplated not putting these in here, but here’s why I recommend a good set of stainless pots and pans: Cooking (even just a little bit) will help you stick to your goals in the long run! I got these pans for two reasons: exceptional heat distribution and clear glass lids. These are pans that will last a loooooong time.

The clear glass lids make a huge difference for me when I cook. Not having to open the cover to check if something is boiling or simmering or about to overflow is a game-changer. This particular set is also dishwasher and oven safe, as well as compatible with induction stoves. They are easy to clean and just awesome! I use them all the time! Of course, if you’re not in the market for a whole set, you could get one or two individual pots/skillets that you use the most. I use the skillet with a lid and the 2.5 quarts the most. Totally worth it! ?


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