My Weight Loss Story

My Weight Loss Story
In today’s post, I would like to share with my reader’s weight loss story. And the essence of this post will be – how you can lose weight without supplements in a natural way.

I mean without the use of fat burners, etc. Many people think that they won’t succeed without using them, and so they believe that when they buy supplements, they will start quickly losing weight.

So, please, welcome my reader Marcus and his story:

“Dear, Victor,
I want to share my personal experience of losing weight without supplements.

How Did My Weight Loss Story Start?

Until 35 years, I gained muscle mass, about 35 kg without any chemicals, mostly protein, and my nutrition was quite questionable. That’s probably why my pounds weren’t exactly clean.

Before Weight Loss

I don’t mean to use steroids, but that what fitness is, after all, a genetically inherent activity, and a well-balanced diet of natural foods has a crucial impact on the quality of muscles.

How I Lost Weight?

So it was time to let go of the stones (I was 42 years old) – the weight with which I lived for more than 16 years. For the whole period of fat burning I was working out at the gym, I used mostly circuit and power method, with cardio, sometimes combined. Cardio training was also varied: medium-intensity, interval training.

I worked out three times a week for the first three months and four times a week for the second three months, always for 1.30-2 hours.

I followed all the basic rules of weight loss, dietary recommendations, etc. I kept everything in a diary, recording workouts for progression.

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Once a month, I recorded the volume in different parts of the body. The task was not only to lose total weight to the desired figure but also, if possible, to preserve muscular tissue. That is why aerobics was present for 1 hour at least during each training session.

During the first three months, I lost 28 lbs.

After Weight Loss

Then I lost 15 lbs in other three months. The results in volumes:
? buttocks minus – 2.75 inch
? thigh minus – 0.8 inch
? biceps minus – 2.35 inch
? tibia minus – 0.8 inch
? waist minus – 4 inch
? weight minus – 43 lbs

My Weight Loss Experience

The most share of the volume reduction occurred in the first few months. But the waist circumference decreased clearly by around an inch every month. Although at first, I used a lot of exercises for the whole middle part of the body, and after that, I reduced my abs and waist training.

The diet was almost monotonous throughout, with the required amount of daily energy and nutrients.

Why did I wonder why I lost fewer pounds at the end compared to the beginning? I think it was because the strength training was gaining momentum: the working weights were not as easy as at the beginning. There was less muscle tissue, less fat, and the more difficult it was to give in.

And, admittedly, I occasionally relaxed in my diet (ate sometimes biscuits, hamburgers, and sweets at night). But the total amount of carbohydrates did not go beyond what was allowed. Otherwise, I tried to follow (let’s say, on 80%) the nutrition requirements while losing weight.

Conclusions From My Experience

✅ If you want to lose weight without worrying about muscles, you should not use too heavy power training – 30 minutes will be enough if aerobic load follows after it.

It is enough to choose 5-6 exercises with maximum energy consumption. In these exercises, contraction and stretching should be only in one muscle group, straining almost the whole body (squat with a barbell, deadlift, push-ups). Thus, it is not necessarily to add them all at once in one workout session.

And do not use a technique of execution as in bodybuilding for muscle growth. Alternatively, use a powerlifting technique. Take pauses (relaxation) in the initial and sometimes in the final phase of an exercise.

But again, if the main goal is to reduce your total weight. The loss of muscle tissue will be in any case, but not the same as in the bodybuilders drying out before the competition.

✅ Do not consume anything except protein before going to bed and especially at night. Otherwise, even with a calorie deficit, it will slow down the weight loss process.

✅ If you like to eat or don’t want to reduce the total number of meals, you need to do strength training to create a caloric deficit.

✅ If you have a slow metabolism, speed it up with all the training methods that contribute to it.

✅ Don’t spend a lot of time exercising your abs and waist muscles. And on those places where you would like to reduce volume the most.

I hope my weight loss experience helps somebody not to follow my mistakes and take decent actions right away.

Marcus S.”

Thank you, Marcus! I have nothing to add here – all the points are correct, and if you, my reader, consider them in your weight loss journey, I bear you will see great results! ?





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