This Is Why Quick Diets Are Unhealthy Diets To Lose Weight

This Is Why Quick Diets Are Unhealthy Diets To Lose Weight
Is it possible to slim quickly and efficiently? It is, as worshippers of various blitz-diets affirm. But don’t hurry to put yourself on a rigorous diet.

❕ Quick diets are useless and even dangerous ❕

All, whoever kept to a diet, know feelings of discomfort: irritability, depression, headache. It’s no wonder there’s a direct connection between weight loss and nervous reactions. The norm of fat in a female body is from 16 to 33 %, 16-25% are considered ideal. If you go down below the first figure, this means you subject your nervous system to unjustified overloads. Excitable cells consist of 60% of fatty tissue. When you expose these flanks, you compress emotions out of the blue and, what is more dangerous, pave the way to peripheral nervous system disorders

The first complication of quick diets is hypoglycemia. Languor, drowse, weakness – these sensations during strict diet days are caused by blood glucose level lowering suddenly. Our body is a complicated mechanism, ready to adapt itself to any situation. If you starve it, it will give you tit for that. It will just reduce functions of metabolism, turning on fasting metabolism mode, providing only vital functions. All the rest is tabooed. And, according to that, you should be lying on the sofa all the time and suffer from your heroism. But you need to work at PC, wash dishes, do lessons with children – here you understand unknowingly that resources of your body are not endless.

The brain is not working to its total capacity. Memory became weaker, and you’re short-tempered, sleep bad, hassle with your close people – listen, why do you need this stress?
Blame your wish to slim at any price. Proteinic diets (often consisting of chicken meat and water), so popular recently, are especially harmful.

By the way, they are recommended only to people suffering from adiposity, carried out in a hospital, requires special preparation and constant blood tests and uroscopy control, as kidneys and heart react to a proteinic diet. That is an extreme medicinal action, which we indulge in light-heartedly when hearing about a fantastic diet from our friend. And we rock our bodies, preparing a time bomb: 10-15 years later, we start suffering from serious diseases, which results from our heroic efforts to slim.

Vainness of blitz-diets will become apparent even sooner: clever human internal system immediately turns on another protective mechanism during starvation. It starts storing up fatty cells in reserve. As a result, after another week of a low-calorie diet, which cannot be called a norm of nutrition at all, you establish an unpleasant fact. Your efforts are vain. Pounds came back, and even with overweight.

But from where ❔

There’s a simple explanation: if the norm of kilocalories consumption for a woman is 2300-2500 units per day, and you restricted yourself to 1500 during a diet, then success is evident firstly. But later, human’s body metabolism slows down to the minimum and store up fatty cells. In contrast, you eat nothing except celery juice.

You stop losing weight, exhausting yourself day after day, and the body lays in stock, like a camel. By the way, recently, British dietitians confirmed this fact by several experiments. Their conclusion: it is possible to stay thin only for a short period. Until body doesn’t manage to adapt itself to a new schedule of nutrition, and this time lasts for no more than 24 hours.

Even American women liked the idea of refusal from strict diets. However, struggle for a slim figure is almost a national sport for them. However, our country goes ahead of all, as for the number of plump women working against overweight unsuccessfully. Probably, that’s why American scientists-dietitians recommend quitting quick weight loss diets from a practical point of view, emphasizing appearing psycho-emotional problems.

As soon as our body gets used to a reduced, not balanced nutrition, we stop growing thin. That is a diet, or a schedule, not providing us with a sufficient quantity of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Their lack affects the psyche, and as a result, if your optimistic principles win, you make an unexpected conclusion. It is not so important to be slim, and you quit diet halfway.

But if your intentions to become a slim girl are combined with psycho-emotional problems, you get a chance to break your normal eating behavior for a long. Your body, tired of starvation, can produce a sudden neuropsychic reaction in the form of bulimia when it’s impossible to be packed with any quantity of food. Or in the form of anorexia, when fear of eating turns into obsession. Both eating behavior disorders are unpleasant, last for a long time, and cost a lot of money: you won’t do without expensive psychoanalysts here.

Don’t forget about stomach too, gastric mucosa, starving day after day, receives not enough food and is moving to gastritis, as well as to stomach ulcer. What about kidneys and heart? A strong flow of water, which is a frequent condition of diets, washes out calcium and magnesium, and infarcts on the background of starvation are not a rare thing at all. And no matter how often diets defenders repeat, synthesized vitamins and minerals can fill up this lack.

Experiments show that internal body systems, exhausted during the struggle for existence, under broken metabolism, cannot assimilate them. That’s why a rational schedule of nutrition is so important.

Nutrition should be balanced, separate, rational. Suppose you want to lose weight – consult a dietitian. In that case, he will help you choose a nutrition schedule according to your individual needs.

However, the first lesson is simple: eat at least a significant portion of salad and leave the kitchen, don’t tempt yourself. Wash, read, play with a baby, and 20 minutes later, your stomach will give you adequate information: I’m satisfied, I need nothing more. Greetings, you’re already on your way to health and beauty.

You can eat what you like, 5-6 times per day, and still avoid being overweight if you change your eating habits entirely and develop a culture of wholesome nutrition. For example, don’t treat a banquet abundance as an occasion for overeating. It is an arduous trial for the liver, stomach, pancreas. Sticking to a rational approach to food, you can avoid lots of unpleasant sensations. You will keep your figure slim, and your skin will be healthy and smooth.

By the way, fasting days, which cannot be considered a blitz-diet, will help you – the brain doesn’t manage to get used to a new schedule of nutrition for one day. You’ve already achieved your goal, cleaned your bowels from slags, accumulated for a week. The most straightforward recipe is 1,5 kg of apples plus 2 liters of liquid. This way, without starvation and overeating, you can keep yourself fit, then why should you suffer from a diet?


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