What Body Type You Are?

Pure Body Types

Such images of body types you can see on the Web and in various literature on power training. For example, the image above is from “Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On the whole, it correctly represent the pure body types. But human is an unclear and complicated creature. And the pure types, like the ideal gas in physics and the material point in mathematics, are just abstractions. Real people are always a mixture of these pure types. Look at the image above and try to find out which body type you have.

It is not so evident as it seems.

What Body Type Am I?

On our image you can see three body types at the extreme development of musculature (by the way, these types cannot be called pure). An ectomorph cannot have such developed tibia muscles and such massive knees. It is a partial ectomorph with a mixture of a mesomorph. On the center is definitely a mesomorph. And on the right you can see endomorph with signs of mesomorph (large bones of limbs). Characteristic features of the endomorph are the wide waist and pelvis.

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Knowing the finesses of your body type arm you in training, and at the same time, protects you from excessive demands.

❇️ Ectomorphs always have difficulty increasing strength and muscle mass. But at the same time, weight loss is easy for them.

❇️ Mesomorphs are in the most advantageous position as far as strength training is concerned. It is not difficult for them to build up quality muscles and to get rid of fat.

❇️ Endomorphs can increase total body weight and strength without any difficulties. However, they always have problems in reducing the amount of body fat.

Psychology and biology of different body types

Also, the concept of body type comes together with the psychological features of the person. There are three basic male body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. These are the so-called – pure types. However, mixed types are common in the real world, where you can find signs of different pure body types in one body.

To better understand the nature of these types, let’s take a look at materials from the works of the famous scientist Eric Berne. I have not heard Eric Berne trained with dumbbells, but he was a doctor and knew the human body very well.

In his work, Berne uses the three-layer egg method. The meaning of this concept is that each person develops from a three-layer embryo (egg). Depending which layer (inner, middle, or outer) grows more, a person shows his or her body type signs and character qualities.

I will repeat once again that in most of us, the described features of different types are combined in one body. Besides, in women, these types are more difficult to trace. But that does not mean that training with weights will be no good for them.


This body type has thin, long limbs, a subtle skeleton, a slim waist, a narrow chest, minimal body fat, and weak muscles. His neck and fingers are long, too. Ectomorphs rarely get bald. It is hard for people of this body type to gain weight.

However, ectomorphs are very energetic, hardy, and have a great reaction. After loads, they recover slowly. A significant advantage of ectomorphs is thin bones. The fact is that the developed muscles look more rounded on the subtle skeleton. Wide bones slightly smoothen this impression.


In short, it is purely according to Berne – an ectomorph is a tall type, more on a skinny side. The outer layer, the ectoderm, developed more than other layers while growing from the embryo. And from ectoderm, nerve tissue grows. That is why the ectomorph is more concerned about what happens in his brain than what he does or eats. He is more interested in a brilliant idea or complex spiritual processes rather than in steak or walking.

Having a good time for an ectomorph is to reflect well, to get valuable information, to learn something new. Words for an ectomorph is a perfect sound. Ectomorphs are impulsive and vulnerable. They are prone to isolation. In general, ectomorphs are defenseless to more communicative and aggressive endomorphs and mesomorphs.


It is an athletic body type. These people look a little rough – they are just full of muscles. They have strong muscles, a small amount of body fat, a broad chest, large bones with large palms and feet. The chest of mesomorphs is larger than the waist. Mesomorphs gain weight more easily than ectomorphs.


According to Berne, mesomorphs are people of action. They have strong muscles and are willing to use them. They like adventure, exercise, fighting – to carry everything before one. They are brave and unceremonious. They prefer to control people and things. If the mesomorph gets bald, the bald will show up at the front.

It looks like for such type it is more pleasant to breathe than to eat. Mesomorph knows that reading the dictionaries does not increase his chest size. To have a good time for a mesomorph means to move around, take a walk, work out, or play sports.


He has a lot of fat – to gain weight for him is an easy task. He has a short thick neck, voluminous hips, and arms but small palms and feet. People of this body type are not able to withstand long loads but can develop much strength in a short time. The main problem of a man of this body type is to lose fat during strength training.


According to Berne, an endomorph is a rounded and soft body type. He has a large chest, but the abdomen is even larger. He prefers to eat than to breathe. If the endomorph gets bald, his hair falls out first on the top of his head.

Endomorph likes to consume everything: food, people’s admiration, and appreciation. Having a good time for an endomorph means sitting at a banquet with people who love him. Endomorph knows that a word, in whatever language it sounds, is still not eatable.

Pure body types are rare

The listed body types are conditional in our world. In general, we see mixed body types – the body combines the characteristics of others. For example, a mesomorph with features of ectomorph end to lose weight rather than to gain it.

When he stops training, both his weight and appetite go down. His bones are thin rather than powerful. But, on the other hand, he will gain weight in no time with regular training. Let’s say 1 or 1.5 pounds of pure muscles per month.


These were classifications of body types, which are mostly typical for male. In the next post, we will talk about the mysterious and beautiful world of female body types.


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