What To Eat In The Evening To Lose Weight?

What To Eat In The Evening To Lose Weight?
When you are actively working on weight loss, the question of nutrition rises in all its complexity. After all, it is necessary to change your eating habits. More precisely, there is often a lack of the knowledge and skills of cooking the right dishes.

Extra pounds come because you are used to eating meals that make them appear!

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It is necessary to change the usual composition of products and learn a few new recipes. The most demanding in this regard is dinner. What to eat in the evening to lose weight?

Let’s make a few essential points about evening meals. Of course, it is better to cook by yourself. But in today’s life, there is just not enough time for all those fancy recipes. You have to buy the necessary groceries and seasonings. And then all this cooking, baking…

In this case, there is a basic set of foods, which will help to get out literally on the go.

Best Foods To Eat In The Evening

For convenience, I’m giving them as a simple list.

? Chicken breast

? Turkey

? Lean beef

? Lean fish

? Low-fat or low-fat cheese

? Fat-free cottage cheese

? Chicken or quail eggs

? Non-fat white yogurt (instead of sour cream and cream in many recipes)

? Vegetables: zucchini, onions, bell peppers, greens (any), tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, celery, cabbage, etc. Except for potatoes. Carrots are not desirable but acceptable.

? Mushrooms: mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chives, etc.

Healthy Meals For Dinner For Weight Loss

Firstly, it is important not to overdo it with carbohydrates and calories.

The formula for a proper weight loss dinner is simple. It should consist of not too fatty protein products and vegetables. Vegetables can be stewed, boiled, or in the form of a salad. And no carbohydrates! Especially no sweets.

The amount of food for dinner: 100-200 grams of a protein product + 200-300 grams of salad, stew, or boiled vegetables.

And please don’t eat fruit for dinner!

Do you know how fast carbs from fruit affect weight gain? Read about the glycemic index to see why I give this recommendation.

Also, try to reduce cheese, sour cream, butter in your dinner menu. The less fat and calories, the better for the cause! The total dinner amount should not exceed 300-450 grams.

A Simple Dinner Recipe For The Busy People

I’m want to share a simple dinner recipe of a single man. I sometimes make myself such dinner. And you know, it’s not bad!

On your way home, go to the supermarket. Buy any cooked grilled chicken or chicken breast, white cabbage or Peking cabbage, a can of green peas and onions, some salad dressing (like Italian herbs).

Grilled Chicken

I assume you always have vegetable oil at home. But instead, you can have a small jar of sugar-free white yogurt as a salad dressing.

At home, free the chicken from the skin (sorry, but you have to throw it away because of its high fat and calorie percentage). Slice and place it on a plate in an amount of about 150-200 grams. The rest you can eat for tomorrow.

Shred the cabbage into a separate bowl (about 200 grams). Rub the cabbage with your hands to make it juicier. Add a couple of tablespoons of tinned peas, some finely chopped onions to the cabbage. Season with white yogurt (a couple of tablespoons) or vegetable oil (a little!), add a little salt to taste. Mix all these up.

And here you go – a Spartan dinner is ready! Simple, quick, and quite tasty. Bon appetit!

If you love to cook and have time for it, here are more complicated healthy dinner recipes.

In Conclusion

That’s all what I wanted to say about what you should eat in the evening. I would love to see your additions and recipes for a dinner for those who want to lose weight. ?





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