Whats A Good Breakfast To Lose Weight?

Whats A Good Breakfast To Lose Weight?
Breakfast is the first meal of any person. And your day depends on what kind of breakfast you will have. It determines how you feel, your mood, your sense of energy, and much more.

Even what you tend to eat during the day, what and how much you will eat for dinner, how quickly you get tired – also depends on your breakfast.

I called this post ‘whats a good breakfast to lose weight?’, however, I will also talk about how to make it healthy and nutritious, not only for those wanting to lose some pounds.

What Is A Good Healthy Breakfast For Weight Loss?

First of all, quite dense. According to many nutritionists and trainers, you should take about 30-40% of all daily calories on breakfast. And there’s a logic to that – your metabolism is very fast in the morning – digestion is very active.

And the more calories you take in the morning, the less you need in the evening – the time when it is very desirable to limit the caloric content of the food.

Not without reason, there is a saying:
Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy.

However, it is worth noting that the size of breakfast should take into account your activity immediately following it.

? If you are busy with active physical work right after breakfast till lunch, you should have a very dense breakfast. Otherwise, you will quickly become hungry and, most likely, you will overdo it with calories at lunch, and you will have an irresistible desire for sweets and sugary drinks. And this is natural state.

? If you have to work without physical activity, sitting down, or with little physical effort, it is worth reducing breakfast to small, reasonable amounts. Otherwise, you will feel sluggish, lazy, and sleepy instead of energetic. It is also a natural state of overeating.

? And if you ate too much for breakfast (let’s consider it an accident), find an opportunity to move around a little and work physically. For example, walk for 20 minutes. That will ease the condition after a big breakfast and further a sedentary workday.

What Are Some Healthy Breakfast Foods To Lose Weight?

Carbohydrate Foods

Potatoes, pasta, whole cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, barley, etc.), corn or bran bread, dry crispbread, peas, lentils, etc.

Protein Products

Eggs, lean fish, meat, poultry (chicken, turkey), cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, soft cheeses of low fat (such as bronze, adygeisky), seafood (shrimps, clams, crabs), etc.

Sometimes semi-finished products are useful: sausages, ready-made cheesecakes, cutlets, etc. However, it is much more healthy to use fresh, original foods than semi-finished ones with unclear additives. As a rule, semi-finished products have too much fat and much less protein.

You can use eggs without yolks. If you use three to four eggs, you should take the yolk out of one or two. That is true for omelets, scrambled eggs, etc.

Vegetables And Herbs

Dill, parsley, onions, cabbage, lettuce, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, etc.

The use of spicy herb seasonings is not forbidden. Canned vegetables without too much sugar are excellent in the wintertime.

It is more convenient to eat some vegetables stewed or boiled: eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, etc.

Others – raw in salads or sliced: carrots, white cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers.


Nuts, grains, vegetable oils, butter, sour cream, etc. All in minimal quantities solely to enhance the taste of dishes.

Fast Carbohydrates

Try not to use sugar and honey. Better use raisins, dried fruits, apricots, prunes in very small quantities for adding to porridge, cottage cheese casserole, salad, etc.

If you can’t live without sweets at all, use quality sweeteners like stevia. Keep salt to a minimum for flavor.

Breakfast Drinks

Coffee with milk, black coffee, black or green tea, herbal infusions, pure water. All these, of course, without sugar.

How To Cock Breakfast Foods?

Here are some recommendations on how to cock foods for healthy breakfast:

? Saute protein foods in a “dry” pan with a minimum of oil.

? Stew vegetables in a multicooker or steam them.

? Fresh vegetables can be chopped into a salad or coarsely chopped on a plate.

? Cereals can be soaked in the evening so that in the morning they will be faster to cook.

? It is better to prepare boiled meat or poultry in advance. And for breakfast, you will need to just cut off the right amount – that saves a lot of time in the morning.

There are a lot of great recepie ideas for healthy breakfast, for example I always recommend HealthyLiving to my clients.

Healthy Breakfast

The Proper Breakfast Formula

The general formula for breakfast is as follows:
? Carbohydrates + proteins + fresh vegetable salad + minimum fats

There are also variations:
? Protein + stewed vegetables + fresh vegetable salad

The second option, in my opinion, is preferable. But if you can’t live without carbs in the morning, you’re welcome. But in moderation!

By no means arrange breakfast exclusively from carbohydrate products without protein products: only porridge (many people like oatmeal with dried fruits, etc.), only sweet tea with a bun, only sweet coffee.

Such menu is very undesirable! Since it triggers hunger mechanisms during the day and craving for sweets.

It is especially harmful if you want to lose weight to start the morning with sweets: sugar, dried fruits, and fast carbohydrates. Without delving into the hormonal mechanisms, I can say with certainty that by doing so, you lay a powerful gluttony bomb for the entire coming day, and especially for dinner.

If you start the day with sweets, then you will want sweets all day long. And you will eat so much at dinner that you won’t be able to sleep.

It’s a proven recipe for weight gain! And it’s not for you, but for those who are muscle and weight deficient.

Breakfast Portion Size

The best way is to use your fists to measure meal portions. Clench a fist put it near your plate – that will be the size of one serving.

The ideal breakfast recommendation is as follows:
? one serving of protein
? half a serving of carbohydrates (or none at all)
? one serving of stewed vegetables
? one serving of fresh vegetable salad

One fist equals 2-3 eggs, 2-3 sausages, a good cutlet, half a chicken breast, etc. If that amount of protein food seems excessive to you, reduce it to a comfortable quantity.

And I suppose you won’t have such problem with carbs, vegetables, and salad in this regard.

It’s a little more complicated if we are dealing with cereals. Different cereals cook differently.

❕Count calories by a finished product, not by a dry product

Cereals increase in volume by about 2-2,5 times while boiling. In general, the required portion is a 1/2 cup of dry groats (about 70-100 grams). The same applies to pasta.

Final Words

If you are used to not eat at breakfast, then get used to eat breakfast!

❕Not eating breakfast is a bad habit and eating a full breakfast is a good habit

As a rule, people who don’t eat breakfast in the morning drink a few cups of coffee or tea with sugar. That’s how they live until lunchtime. And after that, they eat everything and in huge quantities.Especially in the evening.

So if you one of those people – you need to break this vicious circle and organize a proper breakfast. Otherwise, you will never be able to get rid of extra pounds and wrinkles. A nutrition change is a must here!

Many people can’t eat breakfast because they had too much food at dinner.

So, try to shift consuming the bulk of calories during the day to a more active time – the morning. Without it, don’t expect good results soon.

Bon appetit!





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