What Will Help You Lose Weight? A Metabolic Bonus!

Metabolic Bonus
Today I want to give you simple but very sound way that will help you lose weight quickly. One of my readers called it a metabolic bonus. By following this advice, you can speed up your metabolism. And without it, healthy weight loss is not possible. Moreover, the method described below can even be an independent way to keep yourself in good shape!

What Do You Need To Do?

The essence of the method is simple. During the day you need to do from 100 to 500 (sometimes up to 1000) squats or push-ups. Don’t be scared by this quantity because it is not the number of repetitions at a time but the total numbers of repetitions for the whole day.

So, do 10-50 squats or push-ups every free moment, all seven days a week, whenever it is convenient. It’s not so important at first whether your technique for these exercises is good or not. The main thing is to start doing them.

Even with a limited amplitude, even with the support on the wall or a table. But do them by all means! Gradually you will understand that you can do these exercises solely, smoothly, and with many reps.

Your goal is to accumulate a total of 100 (to start with) or more reps per day (you can do up to 1000) in one of these exercises, or even better if you can do it in both.

You can alternate between squats and push-ups. For example, do 10 squats and then immediately do 10 push-ups. Or exchange them throughout the day. Say you do 25 squats at 10 am and 20 push-ups at noon. Then, at 1 pm, do 25 squats and so on.

What Metabolic Bonus Give? You Lose Weight!

Constant exercise throughout the day is a healthy and natural way of speeding up metabolism. Let me remind you that the metabolic rate is the rate of burning calories when you rest. The higher it is, the slimmer and more active you are. The faster the metabolism, the more rapid is your weight loss!

Moreover, if you use a combination of squats and push-ups, performing them one after the other, you get stimulation of adrenaline production. This hormone is the best (along with cortisol) friend of a person who wants to get rid of extra pounds because it promotes the removal of fat from the fat cells. Read more about hormones in my previous post – How Hormones Work In The Human Body?

What Exercises For Weight Loss You Can Use?

? Squats

It is best to do a squat with feet a little wider than shoulder-width, toes a little to the sides. Keep your heels on the floor and try to squat as low as possible. Look forward and keep your chin up to your chest. Move your arms forward while doing a squat, or lift them upwards as much as possible. Inhale when you bend legs and exhale while unbending.

The speed of squatting is individual. But if you take 1-2 seconds to get down and 1 second to stand back – that’s a perfect pace. There is no need to linger in the upper or lower position. Perform the exercise as one unified and continuous movement.

? Floor Push-ups

It is most convenient to do push-ups with the arms placed wide (about 80-90 cm). When bending your arms at the elbows, move your shoulders to the sides at a 90-degree angle to the body.

If you cannot do push-ups from the floor, no problem. Do push-ups either from your knees or from support (such as a table or chair).

Inhale when bending your arms and exhale when unbending. Push-ups pace: bending – 1-2 seconds, extending – 1-2 seconds.

There are a lot of exercises that significantly boost your metabolism. Moreover, most of them are available to completely non-athletic people who are overweight: walking, burpees (at least in a simplified form), backward lunges, thrusters, etc.

Just try to get as many reps as you can doing them every day or at least every other day!

? Walking
Just walk whenever possible. At least 1 hour a day!

? Burpee

Don’t give up on this “scary” exercise right away! Try it! It is not as difficult as it seems. You have to do it carefully, slowly, and gradually increasing the load.

? Reverse Lunges

Lunges are much easier to do than other exercises. But be sure to watch your knees – do not bring them too much forward.

? Thrusters

It is another effective exercise in helping you expend calories and lose weight. Start with a light stick or an empty barbell bar. But gradually you should increase the weight.

Try to use these exercises on the same principle as the squats and push-ups suggested here if you have the opportunity. These exercises have a positive effect on the body. They significantly increase the EPOC, especially beneficial for healthy weight loss.

Final Words

Now you know one more way to speed up your metabolism. But be careful with metabolic bonus and don’t be in a hurry to increase the load. And don’t stand still – gradually expand your physical capacities.

Lose weight quickly and easily. Be healthy! ?





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