Why We Get Fat?

Why we get fat?
Why do people get fat? These fat people are called heavy eaters, and doctors often think that their thyroid is not okay. But there are fat people who eat very little. Science has long believed that only those who eat a lot become fat. It’s too easy for people with full figures to get nicknamed “gluttony.”

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So, Why This Happens?

Scientists have found that a person who gets fat or not depends not only on the absolute amount of calories consumed daily. Congenital predisposition is just as important. Besides, a significant role in the appearance of excess weight is played by how effectively food “burns” in the body.

Approximately 20% of all overweight people have this problem: their metabolism, the “internal combustion” of food to obtain energy, passes with increased efficiency, their body converts much more calories into fat. People with lower food absorption have about 300-400 calories a day thrown out in the form of heat, while these calories should form fat pillows.

Fat people must eat 300-400 calories less than average people with lower digestion to maintain a healthy weight. These numbers correspond to about one piece of cream cake, 33oz of beer, or one fried sausage. Fat people should eat more than other people, but eat products that contain enough nutrients and as few calories as possible. It is best to eat more vegetables and fruits, skimmed milk products, and bread made from coarse flour. Besides, it is essential to take individually picked vitamin complexes in addition to such products to save life powers and feel energized.

How to lose weight?

How to lose weight quickly, correctly, and irretrievably, without health problems? What slimming exercises to do? There are millions of people asking these questions.

First of all, not every person whose weight goes beyond average should lose weight. After all, the concept of weight norm is conventional. And if you feel fine, if you do not have terrible chronic diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, if you sleep well, you do not need to lose weight. Maybe you need to make some small adjustments to your figure. But that’s not the same as losing 70 to 90 lbs.

If, however, you need to get rid of the extra 7-10 lbs, read this page carefully. There are answers to all the questions.

Let me tell you right away, healthy weight loss is a fairly simple process, if you know how to do it. At the same time, you should understand that pounds gained over many years can not just go away in a couple of days or weeks without moving your finger.

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The process of weight loss requires sufficient time for your body and mind to adjust to new habits, weight, and volume, get used to them. If you do not give them such an opportunity, quickly thrown off pounds will return, and, as a rule, with an excess. It is necessary to make efforts to lose weight.

How to lose weight correctly?

How to lose weight and never gain it again?

How to lose weight in the stomach area, sides, and hips?

There are many ways to lose weight. Usually, if an ignorant person takes on a case, it looks like this. He/she buys a trainer or a slimming drug from the commercial. Then loses a few pounds after using them and calms down. But soon the weight will come back as the main cause is still there. And it all goes over again. A new fashion product for weight loss. Use it, dropping a little. And then he/she goes back to the original weight level or even gain more. And so on.
And then comes the belief that it’s impossible to lose weight at all. Or there’s a clever excuse for pushing the obvious weight problems into the background.

Sad Man
But the years go by, and you’re still the same.

Here they are, the most popular (but, unfortunately, almost useless and expensive) ways to lose weight, most of which is not worth a penny, as they do not give the promised effect in advertising. Moreover, none of the manufacturers of these products does guarantee the safety of your health.

Special pills and slimming products

These are diuretics for slimming, allowing you to quickly reduce the index on the weight by removing water from the body. But don’t confuse fat with water! Weight loss due to water withdrawal will return as soon as you drink again. Besides, together with water from the body came out useful salts and vitamins, and muscle tone decreases.

Appetite reducing pills will help you not to feel hunger and therefore eat less. But what about the reasons for overeating and gaining extra weight? Solving sometimes very trivial problems, changing established eating habits, and eliminating sources of stress leads to normalization of appetite and natural weight loss without much effort.

Fat blockers are medicines that prevent fat absorption from eating. You can eat even more, but fewer calories will be absorbed. These drugs are terrible as they disrupt the digestive system.

Fat-burning agents artificially heat the body, accelerate metabolism, increase blood pressure, which creates the illusion of improved mood and weight loss. They produce so many side effects that you have to think ten times before you start taking them. After all, most people who are overweight already have high blood pressure, and these pills increase it even more, which is very dangerous for life.

Diet to lose weight

These are low-calorie weight-loss diets, which reduce weight simply because a person eats almost nothing. As soon as the diet ends, the weight quickly returns and becomes heavier.

Low-carbohydrate diets. These diets make people lose weight quickly, but it goes away with water, not fat! It happens because carbohydrates are osmotically active substances that keep water in the body, and if their number is low, the water goes away. So, when the diet ends, the previous weight quickly returns.

Mono-diet is based on eating only a single product. Guess what happens when the diet ends? Yes, the weight returns.

A weight-loss diet is based on excluding a single product from nutrition. If the product is sweets or sugar, it is very effective. Everything else is a waste of time and harm to health.

Slimming trainers

Widely advertised home press trainers, promise fast weight loss. But your abs do not shrink from training your stomach, and you do not lose any weight. The muscles will get toned a little bit under the fat, that’s it. The extra pounds of weight will go away from other things!

Slimming belts

Dense fabric or patch belts are worn at the waist to reduce the abdomen and sides in volume for slimming. These belts cause temporary local tissue dehydration in the waist area. As a result, a small decrease in waist circumference.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation for slimming in the abdominal area

These are small devices that cause involuntary contractions of muscles in the abdominal area due to electrical impulses. Even the permanent wear of such devices does not lead to weight loss. Increased muscle tone from constant-current stimulation cannot lead to slimming and weight loss.

Special slimming products

Different kinds of coffees, teas, etc. They have mainly warming, toning, and diuretic effect, and some slow down the absorption of fats in the digestive system.
Do not lead to serious shifts in tissue metabolism and do not eliminate the main causes of excess weight.

Slimming exercises

It’s safe to say there are no weight loss exercises. There are exercises with high calorie-burning. But these exercises cannot help in losing weight on their own. Slimming exercises work great if you follow the rules of correct nutrition. Moreover, these exercises have to be in a system.

So, what I need to do to lose weight?

✔️ Stop looking for miracle slimming products that will shed extra pounds without any effort from your side. There’s no such thing.

✔️ Study books, articles, and opinions of reputable people.

✔️ Make sure that you understand such terms as:

  • Speed of metabolism
  • The relationship between muscle mass and metabolic rate
  • The link between frequent feeding and metabolic rate
  • What are catabolism and anabolism
  • Good nutrition
  • Interval training
  • What is EPOC
  • Circle training
  • What is L-carnitine and why is it needed
  • Whey protein and why take it?
  • Fat burning training rules
  • What is a glycemic index?

✔️ You don’t have to do everything I said in my articles. Just do something for yourself! Knowing much doesn’t change anything. Action is what changes your life and your body. As soon as you realize you know what to do, start doing it!

As Conclusion

On HealhyWhizz.com you will find articles with answers to the most key questions related to weight loss. I highly recommend that you carefully and consistently read all the articles, and you will have a full idea of how to lose weight correctly, what specific actions you need to take to do this, how to keep the weight achieved. Just take the time to study the issue carefully and thoughtfully, rather than trying to try this or that new-fashioned weight-loss tool.





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