Am I Fat?

Am I Fat?

I often chat with people who complain about excess weight. They describe the problem in detail and ask me, “Victor, Am I fat?” At first, it seems like a person weighs a ton and cannot even move around on their own!

However, when I ask about their height and weight, I came across an interesting fact. In general, these people have no extra weight. They are not fat or overweight! How can that be? Let’s talk about that in this port.

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Normal Weight Formula

There is one simple and very well-known normal weight formula:
[person’s Height (in centimeters) – 100] = Normal Weight

It is universal, but if we take into consideration body type, this formula has more precise contexts (we will talk about that later). No matter how awful the folds are, pieces of fat hanging on your body, but if your weight is less than your height minus 100, then you do not have any extra weight!

Here are some examples:
? If a man is 5’10” tall and weighs 170 lbs, has a belly – this man is not fat or overweight. Here are the calculations:
5’9″ – 179 cm
170 lbs – 77 kg
179-100 = 79 kg
NOT OVERWEIGHT (there are still two kilos available ?)!

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? If a woman is 5’4″ tall and weighs 130 lbs but has fat on hips or thighs – there is no excess weight in this case too.
5’4″ – 165 cm
130 lbs – 59 kg
165 – 100 = 65 kg

Are you saying I am talking nonsense? Yes, at first sight. But only if you ignore one key aspect – body composition.

Body composition

That is what your body consists of and what it can physically do. When we talk about body composition regarding fitness, we mean the percentage of fat and muscles, the correct posture, as well as physical abilities, easily tested by simple tests.

And I am not asking you to accurately measure these percentages (you can easily do it using simple sensors and apps). I suggest you evaluate your composition visually. Just compare your reflection in the mirror with a picture of an athlete you like or a sports person you know. Everything will become clear.

Look at this image:
Body Composition

Have you noticed how the right body image differs from the one on the left? I do not think the guy’s weight in pounds has changed much. But how his body and physical abilities have changed!

So, if your weight does not exceed minus 100, but you do not look very sporty, then you have to change your body composition. To do so, you have to reduce your percentage of fat and increase your muscle mass percentage. It does not mean you need urgently to sit on a diet, starve, run to a nutritionist, drink different slimy stuff. Just start exercising in three directions: strength, cardio, and developing flexibility.

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Please, do not go running for hours, as it often happens (for some reason, many still think that you burn more calories with the help of running). The best solution is power training. This tool will radically rebuild your body. Your muscles will increase, the fat will start to go away. And cardio and stretching will complement this powerful effect with pleasant bonuses.

By sturdy training, you develop muscles and increase your physical abilities. You will be able to make more pushups, pullups, run faster, etc. And therefore, you change the percentage of muscles and fat in your body in a better way.

Remember the first golden rule of fitness – the more you can do, the better you look.

Weight According To Age

How often do I hear something like this, “At the age of 20, I weighed 120 lbs with a height of 5’6″. I want to have such weight at the age of 45 (or more).” Forget about it, please! If you are 45 years old and manage to bring yourself to such a state that you will weigh 120 lbs at the height of 5’6″, I am afraid nothing good will come out of it. Well, unless the doctors will have a job saving your life/health. Take a pity on them! They have enough problems without you.

Our weight norm increases when we get older. After all, during our life, our body composition is changing too: body water content, growth of some body tissues and organs. By nature, we cannot weigh the same at the age of 20 and 45. That is, of course, we can, but it won’t be the healthy weight.

Remember, you can look very different from having the same weight. It all depends on your body composition. And let me remind you, we are talking about a situation where your weight is less than your height minus 100.

Weight Formula For Different Body Types

There are three main body types: asthenic (fine-boned), normosthenic (norm), hypersthenic (big-boned). These types are based on the circumference of the wrists and ankles.

? If the circumference of your wrist does not exceed 15 cm (women) and 18 cm (men), and the circumference of your ankle is 20-21 cm (women) and 23-24 cm (men), then you are an asthenic. The normal weight formula transforms into – your height minus 105-110

? If the circumference of your wrists is between 15 cm and 17 cm (women) and 18 cm and 20 cm (men), and the circumference of your ankle is 20-23 cm (women) and 23-26 cm (men), then you are a normosthenic. The formula for you would be the same – your height minus 100

? If the circumference of your wrists is more than 17 cm (women) and 20 cm (men), and the circumference of your ankles is 22 cm (women) and 26 cm (men), then you are hypersthenic and the formula changes to your height minus 90-95

It also happens that a person has asthenic type wrists and hypersthenic ankles (or other combinations). This existing phenomenon is called the mosaic of the body structure. It is quite natural. Your weight norm, in this case, should be the average formula value between types.

Lose weight correctly, wisely. Bless you! ?


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