Healthy Weight Versus Unhealthy Weight

Healthy Weight Versus Unhealthy Weight
Our topic for today is healthy weight versus unhealthy weight. Obesity is a perfect example of unhealthy weight. That’s a fact. But what are other examples of unhealthy weight? And why they are dangerous? Let’s find out.

The Danger Of Obesity

Obesity is at the highest rate in the country as it’s ever been. Over half of Americans today are obese and unhealthy. For a person to be considered overweight, they must be around twenty pounds over their set weight based on height. Obesity can be a deadly killer. It reduces the lifespan of those who are 30 to 64. Obese people may have more problems with walking and breathing. About 300,000 people die from this disease every year, and the number grows each year. Many people do not realize that they need to be active and that doing common 3-minute exercises around the house will not help them lose weight.

In today’s world, more and more people turn to the television and will exercise if they can do it at home in front of a television. That is not the way to exercise. Many people become obese because of procrastination. Putting off exercise only increases the chances of becoming obese. Those who are obese are said to get type two diabetes more than anyone else who is normal weight. Just eleven to twenty pounds can mean the difference between a healthy life and a life with type 2 diabetes. Obese people also are more prone to having strokes and heart attacks due to diets.

Those who are obese are also more at risk for cancers that affect the colon, prostate, and kidneys and post menopausal breast cancer in women. Many people who have become obese may have done so through emotional eating. It means eating anytime a person is sad or depressed. Television and movies also give cravings for food which needs to be avoided to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can also cause a wart known as a plantar wart. When there is intense pressure on the foot, these warts may form and be extremely painful. Plantar warts tend to appear as calyces with blood vessels.

Other Unhealthy Wheight Examples

There are many plantar wart treatments out there, but maintaining a good weight would eliminate the chance of having plantar warts appear because of obesity. There is also a dangerous side to being obese; it is the other side, being underweight. Many magazines these days picture size zero women with absolutely no fat on their bodies. That is a very unhealthy image that affects both men and women. Images like these perfect women seen in magazines and teasing in schools have led to many anorexic and bulimic children.

Young girls and boys in high school may have the disease anorexia. They starve themselves to the point of being skin and bones. These people are suffering from malnutrition and very unhealthy. In some cases, severe anorexia may lead to rickets that build up minerals on the rib cage or even death. Sadly anorexia is a disease in which a man or woman sees themselves differently than we do. They need to be helped before they go too far. Bulimia is also a severe disease. Men and women binge and purge, meaning eating a lot, then feeling fat and regurgitating it back up. That is also highly healthy; the acids from the stomach can rot the teeth and harm the body. In both cases, the person loses too much weight, and the body has no nutrients. Both diseases must receive attention and treatment as both can become fatal.

In Conclusion

It is vital to maintain a healthy weight and get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. Getting out of the house is best for losing weight as well as getting fresh air. The TV and Internet make people want to eat and don’t help. Also, thinking that the magazine images are a perfect example of how you should live is wrong. If taken far enough, it can lead to anorexia and bulimia, which can turn fatal, just like obesity.


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