Max Out Sweat Review

Revised on 24.12.2022Max Out Sweat Review

I believe that Max Out Sweat is a terrific all-around total body cardio workout. That type of cardio make you fueled and energized due to the high demands of the muscles systems working through bodyweight exercises. All in all, this is a great way to follow up on the Sweat Intervals we saw in the previous month’s work.

During month two, you will begin the Max Out Sweat workout on the third day. You will find a description of the training that says, “the more minutes you can endure, the more you will SWEAT, and you will burn more calories. By the time you have completed this workout, you will know why we say ‘double the sweat in half the time’ when we describe this high-intensity routine.”

Insanity Max:30 Bundle

As with all the other workouts you will perform in the second month, there is a similar routine in month one. The “Max Out Sweat” workout is the second month counterpart of the “Sweat Intervals” routine. But I would say that this is undoubtedly the more difficult of the two.

Max Out brochure

There are some similarities between the two routines, like cardio and strength training. It aligns with the general plan where Monday and Wednesday Workouts are for cardio, and those for Tuesday and Thursday are focused on strength training. Then Friday Fight Night gathers everything you have already learned and takes the intensity up a notch.

Then month two workouts also run for a longer time than the month one workout. For example, you could expect a water break at least every 5 minutes in the first month. But this time frame was increased to 6 minutes in the second month.

While this may not seem like a considerable amount, it certainly adds a new level of difficulty in the long term. As a rule of thumb, there should be three series of three; the first three moves are repeated three times each — thirty seconds each and six minutes total.

Then there will be the Power Move, which will have to be completed for a full minute.

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Insanity Max Out Sweat Movements

In the following section, I will describe the movements you will find in the Insanity Max Out Sweat. Remember that each round is six minutes, which is the 30 seconds for a move, repeated three times, and then a Power Move is included in the round.


Low-Switch Kick Punch

Begin kicking your legs to the left and right close to the floor. Swing your arms in loose punches forward, alternating left and right.

Hop-Hop Knee

Hop to the right twice and raise your right knee. Then, repeat the action in the left direction. Two hops and the raised knee, and continue this side to side.

1-2-3 Clap

Step side-to-side three times at the beat. Keep your arms chest high and spread to the sides. Bring up your knee upward in front of you and touch the left knee with the left arm and then the right knee with the right arm.

(Repeat twice)

[Power Move] Speed In & Out Abs

While planking, jump the feet into the chest and then back out to their extended position. Repeat this as quickly as possible.

Round 1

Plyo Hook Lunge

  1. Begin in the lunge position as you would, then quickly switch your back leg forward and your front leg back to perform the same lunge in the other leg.
  2. Jump back and forth from lunging with the left leg to lunging with the right leg.
  3. Do hooks with your arms; the left hand makes the hook as the right leg comes forward.

Wide In & Out – Knee Tap

  1. Begin in the planking position with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Hop your feet upward and under your body.
  3. With one hand, tap the opposite knee.
  4. Jump back to the original plank position with the feet shoulder-width and bring your arm down.
  5. Repeat this with the other hand and the other knee.
  6. Continue the alternating motion as many times as possible.

Switch Kick Punch

While punching forward with your arms, kick your legs forward. Repeat this as fast as you can and as high as you can.

Repeat these three movements three times

  • Plyo Hook Lunge
  • Wide In & Out – Knee Tap
  • Switch Kick Punch

[Power Move] Hit The Floor – Tuck Jump

  1. Step to the side and touch the floor with your left hand when moving to the left and with your right hand when moving to the right.
  2. Keep your position low-the ground.
  3. After completing each lateral motion, jump into the air tucking your feet under your glutes and your knees upwards toward the chest.

Round 2

Ab Attack – R

Burpee Punch – R

Complete a burpee. That is done by beginning in the standing position, squatting down, and jumping back into a full plank. But in our variation, you will punch forward with one hand while moving into the plank position. Jump the feet inward while maintaining the first thrust forward. Stand up and repeat the action.

Knee Switch Kick – R

  1. Jump up and raise your left knee towards the chest.
  2. Hop upwards while lowering that knee to the ground and kicking outward with the right leg.
  3. Hop on the left leg while raising the right knee and so on.

Ab Attack – L

  1. Begin in a squat position with the legs extended, jump inwards while lifting the left knee and touching it with the right elbow.
  2. As you do, twist to the right and engage the abs fully.
  3. Stand in a squatting position with the legs extended.

Burpee Punch – L

Complete the burpees as described. Instead of placing both hands on the floor, only place the right hand and punch forward with the left hand. The left hand punches straight ahead as you drop into the burpee. Hop up while pulling the feet inward and returning to the standing position. Repeat as many times as you can.

Knee Switch Kick

  1. Jump up and raise your left knee towards the chest.
  2. Hop upwards while lowering that knee to the ground and kicking outward with the right leg.
  3. Hop on the left leg while raising the right knee and so on.

Continue the routine like this:

  1. Ab Attack – R
  2. Ab Attack – L
  3. Burpee Punch – R
  4. Burpee Punch – L

High Knee – Switch Kick

Transition from high kicks to switch cues as indicated.

[Power Move] 4 Jab – 4 Knee Punch

Jab forward four times to the front with the left and right arms. Then do four running high kicks as you run on and jab simultaneously.

Round 3

Wide Fly-In & Out Ab

  1. While in the plank position, hop upwards with the feet towards the chest and then drop them out rapidly.
  2. As you jump back down, lift one arm out to the side.
  3. Lower the arm when the feet jump back.

Alternate arm raises from either side with each consecutive hop.

Repeat this as quickly as possible.

(Note: it can be a bit of a challenge to keep your balance as you perform the wide fly position and hop. But the best thing to do when meeting this and many other similar challenges to motor skills is to begin slowly and continue until the movement becomes more natural. |I started this one very slowly — which is why I am commenting on this move in particular— and still sometimes lose balance if I am not maintaining a tight core. But over time, you will be able to increase your speed as I have.

Free Runner – R

Jump upwards and kick the right leg forwards while kicking the left leg back. Repeat this motion.

Moving Push-ups

  1. Step your left foot and arm to the left side from the plank position.
  2. Move your entire body sideways to the left.
  3. Do a push-up.
  4. Repeat the move to the right.
  5. Return to the start position by doing two push-ups moving to the right.
  6. Complete the exercise by alternating side to side.

Repeat the routine three times.

360 Hop Squat [Power Move]

Begin in the squat position and keep the fingers on the floor. Hop clockwise 90° 4 times. Maintain your low squat position while hopping and move a full 360° rotation each time. Alternate directions each time.

Round 4


  1. Begin in the squatting position with the legs together.
  2. Have one hand on the top of your head shoulder, and the other hand on the floor. You will jump to the side in the direction of the arm that is on the floor.
  3. As you jump, switch arms; the arm on the floor will now be on the shoulder and vice versa.

Directly you will jump laterally in the opposite direction.

Plank Jack Tap

  1. Begin this one in the plank position. Begin jumping with your feet out and then in.
  2. As you jump in, tap one hand to the opposite shoulder.
  3. Then again, jump feet apart and touch the other hand to the other shoulder.

Continue jumping outward with your feet and touching your shoulders.

Scissor – “X”

Do four runs where you slide the feet back and forth. An “X” jump will follow this. That is when you leap into the air from a squatted position with the legs extended into the air with arms extended outward and upward.

[Power Move] Power Jump Dive

Complete the power jump. It is done by jumping into the air from the squat position and bringing the knees upward toward the chest. Lean forward and dive forward to land in a plank position when you fall. Next, walk the hands back down towards the feet and stand, so you are ready to complete another.

(Note — again, this movement will take some practice to get right, but it is a skill worth practicing. Start by falling as slowly as you can and moving into the plank position. You will eventually drop onto your hands and toes as this becomes faster.

Floor Sprints

from the plank position, stand up and run across the floor as fast and as far as you can.


Max Out Sweat is undoubtedly not as grueling as the other workouts in the month two series. In my opinion, it was yesterday’s workout that left me floored, Max Out Power. It was probably the preconfigured advantage in my muscles that allowed me to Complete the Max Out on the Moving Push-ups at 20:43.

It seemed that many of the moves performed in the Max Out sweat were a little more complex than those in the first month. The increase of compound moves and other challenging moves exemplifies my point. I had to watch many of the moves several times before fully understanding what was being accomplished.

Max Out moves in motion

There were a couple of complex movements in the first month, for sure. But I don’t remember looking up so much help the first time around. I wonder why precisely the complexity of the practice got leveled up.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using modifications. That is an excellent way to play it safe and avoid the risk of injury. The critical point of the program is to teach yourself to go as far as you can and no further. You don’t want to injure or over-extend, but you do want to get the most from your workout.

So, practice taking the intuitive approach to these exercises. If you are using modifications for more than 50% of the training, you may consider that is not a workout that is suitable for your fitness levels, and you would do well to find something a little more basic, to begin with. But again, this is just my take on the situation. Of course, everyone will make it through the routine at their own pace.

Final Words

In the end, the Max Out Sweat is an intense exercise routine that will certainly make you sweat and will leave you feeling spent. You will find that most of the extreme strength-based workouts are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Friday is also a very intense training day as all of the combined exercises are taken to a new level of difficulty.

If you find that you are making it to the 30:00 mark without a problem, then you may not be doing the exercise right. If you are making it to 30:00 but are also using modifications, your goal should be to try and use these support systems less and less.

That will be your goal throughout the entire training routine anyway – to push yourself to the point of change. The change will only happen in that golden moment where you have pushed yourself to limits you may not have thought possible because before now, they may have been. So, make yourself a challenge and dare to be the person you want to be.






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