What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?

What Makes A Good Personal Trainer?
One of my readers works as a fitness trainer for three months, and he asked me, what are the qualities that a professional trainer must have? What makes him a good personal trainer?

Well, in short, here is a list of what a personal trainer should know:

A Personal Trainer Knowledge List

✅ Principles of losing excess weight (cardio training, interval training, circuit training, heart rate basics)

✅ Principles of gaining muscle mass (training, nutrition, recovery, hormones, Vader principles)

✅ Principles of increasing muscle strength (training, nutrition, supplements, pure strength training techniques)

✅ Principles of increasing flexibility (physiology, anatomy, exercises)

✅ Basics of rational nutrition for weight loss and gaining muscle mass.

✅ There should be general knowledge of sports nutrition (know at least 3-4 names of gainers, proteins, amino acid supplements, vitamin preparations).

Must Know What He Is Doing

The trainer must know his business! (as in any profession). A trainer certificate is not as important as the desire to learn, develop, grow as a professional. My reader, for example, currently have no higher physical education nor any certificate. But his enthusiasm and desire to learn will help to gain enough experience as a personal trainer.

Must Be A Friend

The trainer should not be indifferent to the problems of clients! For me, this quality is a must!

Sometimes it is even more important than the first quality I mentioned. Because if he is not indifferent to people, the trainer (with time) will learn everything.

And a personal trainer, not interested in client’s problems and tasks, is not a professional. I do not respect such people in any profession, and I try not to work with them.

A professional should try to help every client, no matter what problem he or she has. For example, my clients ask me to solve the following:

? how to pump abs with a bad back

? how to correct posture

? how to make a butt like J.Lo

? how to sit on the splits at the age of 40

? how to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis pain

Of course, there is no need for a trainer to satisfy every client’s desire and try to make a miracle. But there should be a will to help a client achieve the maximum possible (with a reasonable approach).

Besides, a personal trainer should reprimand clients and offer his help to solve problems, for example, if he sees slouching backs, shuffling gaits, large bellies.

But only in case if the client is willing to work on himself!

Must Be Positive

The trainer should be positive, bright, cheerful, and energetic!

Positive Trainer

I would like to see this quality in people of all professions – baker, janitor, taxi driver, teacher, etc. But if the absence of a happy smile from a saleswoman in the store is not so terrible, then the gloomy, indifferent, boring trainer – this is a big minus.

I would never go to such a trainer. My mood is more important! I would go to a different club and spend time on the road, but I will work with a personal trainer who gives me liveliness, joy, and confidence!

Must Be Creative

The trainer must be creative and proactive! Otherwise, clients will quickly get bored with the monotonous classes. Every workout session (whether it is a group aerobics class or personal training at the gym) should bring something new.

Let it be a small detail: a new drill in the usual series of exercises for the abdominal muscles, a different dance exercise in aerobics, an unusual stretching in pairs at the end of the group exercise, etc. But this detail will give the workout a new quality and provide clients satisfaction.

Must Be Fit ?

The personal trainer must be in great physical shape:

? He/She must have a beautiful athletic figure, excellent posture, elastic gait

? He/She must move energetically and beautifully

? He/She must be an example for his customers – should not only look happy but also motivate people

Must Respect His Labor

A professional can’t be cheap. That’s the law.

The trainer should appreciate his labor – shouldn’t work for a pittance. It is a crucial point. Otherwise, enthusiasm and positivity can fade quickly.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I would also like to add that a good trainer should know the client’s anatomy and physiology. The accumulated experience – is the greatest thing! But it doesn’t apply to everyone equally because of the difference in physiology, health, and constitution.

It’s crucial to have an individual approach to everyone. Understanding external features of different body types help here in most cases. Besides, it is not superfluous to know the psychological characteristics of each of these types. That’s top-notch. ?





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