Fitness Is Useless! How Not To Exercise. The Real Story.

Fitness Is Useless!

Yes! Fitness Is Useless! Why waste your precious time on it? There’s nothing useful in it! It’s tedious and boring! And most importantly, it’s worthless.

Don’t be surprised. It’s all true!

Why Fitness Is Worthless?

To explain why, let me tell you a little story.

In my spare time, I train a small group of young people in the aerobics room. The administrator of our club calls our workouts – Tai-Bo training. However, I prefer to call it Super Box Aerobics. And here is why.

We train hard enough: warm-up, the technical part, power part, and stretching. The technical part holds a special place because people come to me most because of it. Here we work out as real fighters. This part of the class consists of different martial arts techniques: boxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai and others.

And, as you understand, it’s hard to pretend that you’re trying to work out. What I like about martial arts is this – either you can or you can’t. There are no half-actions and half-desires. The only way to successfully master it is to be honest with yourself.

I make sure that the workload grows slowly and steadily. There are two young men and several girls and women in my group.

Mr. B.

And here we come to the main character of our story. Let’s call him Mr. B. He is one of the two men who take my classes. And I must add that Mr. B attends classes irregularly, once a week on average. Notice I wrote attends instead of trains. After all, there is a big difference between attend exercises and properly exercising.

Every part of the training program Mr. B do slowly and lazily. I noticed more than once that when I am not looking in his direction, he stops moving. It’s a mystery to me why this fellow spends his money on classes. Who is he kidding?

In three months, Mr. B still hasn’t beat the girls in the number of floor push-ups. Moreover, he could not do any of the basic movements of my workouts. He hadn’t learned how to do push-ups, squats, correct leg movements, flexibility, etc.

Do you think what thought was on the mind of Mr. B? The title of this post, I guess.

At this point, we’ll say goodbye to Mr. B. And thank him for the lessons he showed.

Lessons from Mr. B

Want to get nothing out of working out at the gym, at home, or in the aerobics room? Go to workouts lazily and without joy. Better yet, postpone that hike until next Monday. As usual.

Want to make sure fitness sucks? Pick the most expensive fitness center in town, buy a workout suit for a lot of money, fancy sneakers, and let it all gather dust in your expensive gym bag along with your season ticket.

Want to stay overweight and have a loose body of incomprehensible gender and age? Spit on your diet, run lazily on a cardio machine, and listen to all kinds of whiners and losers. They’ll teach you how to live and work out…

Sad Man In The Gym

To summarize

Want to get brutally developed muscles? Then you need to work out brutally!!! Do you want to get some brutal stretching? Then you need to stretch severely! Want to lose weight? Change your nutrition (decisively, but wisely), work out passionately, believe that you can do it!

There’s no other way.

The results demand efforts! Both physical and emotional. Only then fitness won’t be useless.





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