Exercise Equipment That Burns Belly Fat

Exercise Equipment That Burns Belly Fat
Getting rid of that pesky belly fat to achieve that lean and sexy-looking stomach is not an easy feat and does, in most instances, demand lots of commitment and hard work. It is an accepted fact by many health-conscious people that a good workout routine, a well-thought-out and planned diet, and a healthy lifestyle all form the backbone of any belly fat-burning endeavor. But there is much more that is usually required to succeed. In some instances, one may also have to incorporate unique dietary planning products.

You should note from the onset that belly fat is considered one of the most dangerous types of fat in the human body. That is typically the case because immediately we begin to gain weight in our midsection, then the cortisol level in our body goes north. In this regard, large waist lines are usually associated with ailments and diseases.

One of the most common causes of this spike is usually stress. Once this has occurred, the cortisol goes ahead to break down most of the lean muscles, which are known to burn down calories efficiently. Fat also starts getting stored in the body a lot around the abdominal region. Research results have revealed that good belly exercises which require constant body rotation and abdominal stabilization result in the most muscle activity in the abdomen.

Have you been looking for the quickest way to lose belly fat? There is a program that can give you a flat stomach in just two weeks. This program doesn’t include shakes, pills, or potions, and the only cash outlay is $30 at your local sports store. This article isn’t about trying to sell you some magic pill; it’s simply showing you how you can lose that excess fat around the tummy.

Stability Ball

This routine does require a stability ball that costs around $30, and you can get one from your local sporting store. These balls come in various sizes between 18 and 26 inches, and you will need to choose the right size for your height. Studies have shown that people who work out with a stability ball build twice the muscle fibers as those who do regular crunches without a ball. Using a stability ball for your exercises will help you to lose that excess belly fat much faster.

When you purchase a stability ball, it will come with an instruction manual that will outline various exercises that you can do with the ball. The exercise instructions usually come with diagrams to illustrate how to do each exercise. This article will outline a couple of great workouts with the ball to help lose that fat around the stomach area.

Ball Curl

The first exercise is called the Ball Curl. Sit on the stability ball with your hands behind your head. Next, you want to roll your body down until your bottom is just off the ball and your lower back and middle are on the ball.

The Pike

The next exercise is called the Pike and is a bit more complicated. Lie on the top of the ball with your legs together, and the ball should be under your thighs. Keep your legs straight and then contract your abs and lift your hips toward the ceiling, rolling the ball to the shins. Hold this for one second and then lower.

Ball Crunch

This particular exercise requires some significant stabilization that does engage more muscles and requires an exercise ball. In this routine, the abdomen does more exerting even though it still needs the entire body to stabilize it through the whole training. To do the exercise, comfortably lie on the ball with your lower back fully supported with your feet firmly planted on the ground, and then place your hands behind your head.

Contract your abs to pull the bottom of your rib cage towards your hip and then lift your torso up and forward and lower your back down. Make sure the ball is kept stable during each crunch as you curl up and then slowly lower your back down to stretch the abs. Make a point of doing one (1) to three (3) set with a total of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) repetitions of the exercise for the best results.

Hula Hoop

When it comes to exercising, hula hoops are a good alternative. They provide many benefits that will help to put you in great shape. They may help you with toning up your body and burning that belly fat. They can enhance flexibility and stamina as well. Working out can get boring and old, which is usually why many people quit doing it. Once you lose motivation, you can lose your morale, when the weight gain can happen again. Hula hoops keep exercising exciting.

The hula hoop range comes in various styles like standard, deluxe, and decoration. Weighted hoops are made with a thick tube and offer enough weight that is not too heavy to get a good workout. You can also find hula hoops that are smaller for kids and better quality than cheap toy store hoops.

Hula Hoop

The heavy hoop tends to move more slowly and will give you a better workout. The lighter hoop will be faster and is easiest to toss with. It will not tire you out as the heavier one might, but you will have to work even harder with this hoop.

One famous hoop that people buy these days is the collapsible hoop, especially if they travel a lot and do professional performances. However, if you do not plan on traveling too much, it might not be a necessary choice for you. There is not a huge difference between a collapsible hoop and a regular hoop, and both will react in much the same way with the same qualities.

It is time for you to buy one and start the fun workout. Here is an excellent tutorial:

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Equipment-free Exercises

Several fast and effective exercises can help burn belly fat for those keen on shedding some of this weight. These include but are not limited to the following ones:

The Bicycle Exercise

This exercise is ideal for strengthening the abdominal muscles. The training is considered the best because it does require abdominal stabilization as well as body rotation. To target your oblique, six-pack muscles, get into a prone position with your hands at the back of your head. You should then raise your knees to your chest while slowly lifting your head and shoulders off the ground.

Slowly, bring the right elbow to your left knee and then straighten your right leg. You then switch sides, bring your left elbow to your right knee, and straighten the left leg. You should continue switching sides to simulate what looks like a pedaling motion. Try and do one (1) to three (3) sets with anything between twelve (12) and sixteen (16) repetitions for the best effect. Make sure your breathing is even and relaxed.

Vertical Leg Crunch

It is also considered one of the most effective belly fat burning exercises. It is pretty similar to a leg crunch exercise, with the main difference being that you have to keep your legs straight up; this has the effect of forcing your abs to work extra and adds to the intensity of the routine.

To do this exercise, lie on the floor with your legs straight up and your knees crossed. Place your hands beneath your head for support. Then contract your abs by lifting your shoulders off the floor while still keeping your legs in a fixed position.

Make sure your legs are extended all the while. It is also vital to inhale when you lay back down and exhale when you flex. Do one to three sets with anything between twelve to sixteen positions.

Long Arm Crunch

Many consider this a variant of the traditional floor crunch with some slight difference, though. In this routine, you hold your arms straight behind you to add a lever and make the exercise more challenging.

To perform this exercise, lie on a mat or the floor and extend your arms straight behind. They should then be clasped and kept next to the ears. Once this has been done, slowly contract your abs and then lift your shoulders off the floor. As you do this, make sure you keep your arms straight for the best results.

Perform one to three sets of the exercise with anything between twelve and sixteen repetitions.

Reverse Crunch

This routine is considered more effective burn belly fat exercise than regular crunches when it comes to strengthening core muscles. To do this routine:

Lie flat on the floor or mat with both arms at your sides. Then cross your feet and slowly lift them off the floor so that your knees create what can be considered a 90 (ninety-degree) angle. Slowly contract your abs muscles and then lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

For the best results, make sure you exhale when you contract and inhale when lowering your back down.

Do one (1) to three (3) sets of the exercise with at least twelve (12) to sixteen (16) repetitions for the best results.

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Bottom Line

Stability ball or hula hoop are important in losing fat around the stomach, but these are not the only tools you need. If you want to lose fat fast, you also want to do some cardio workouts at least three times a week. With a cardio workout, you should warm up for three minutes, follow this with three minutes of regular paced exercise and then two minutes of high paced exercise.

Repeat the three minutes regular and two minutes high exercises for a total of 45 minutes, finishing with two minutes of cooling down exercises. Cardio workouts might include running, brisk walking, cycling, or a cardio machine.

Lastly, it would help if you reduced your intake of calories. You can exercise all you want, but if you continue to eat too many calories, then you’re not likely to lose any weight. You need to eat 500 fewer calories than you would to maintain your weight.

So if the required calories to maintain your weight are 2700, you should only eat 2200 to lose weight. The needed calories to maintain your weight will depend on your sex, height, and age.

If you follow this program for two weeks, you will see a remarkable difference in your stomach fat. You should lose at least an inch from your weight and lose around five pounds. That is the quickest way to lose belly fat!

Finally, the best strategy to burn belly fat is usually a combination of several activities. It is recommended that one exercises at least an hour every day and observes a healthy diet plan. And as many people are aware, as long as you are having fun with your exercise and dietary plan, you can lose lots of weight without even realizing it. Be healthy! ?


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