10 Reasons To Work Out

10 Reasons To Work Out
The human body is made for movement. Look at yourself in the mirror! Feet are ideal for running and walking, arms for throwing, holding weights, for swimming. Man is beautiful in motion. Look at the Discobolus of Myron!


An inactive lifestyle leads to an unhealthy look: blood pressure rises, appetite is lost, bones become brittle, muscles become flabby, you get tired quickly, your mood worsens, often there comes a period of deep depression. The medical norm of human movement is 15,000 steps a day.

If you lived many centuries ago, you would have to move a lot to get food, build a home, make clothes, etc. Besides, there were national dances, competing in throwing, various sports, which required good physical form.

Nowadays, it doesn’t take much physical effort to clothe and feed yourself, but you still need some exercise to be healthy.

And Here Are 10 Reasons To Work Out

? 1. The most important reason to workout is to improve your health, strengthen your heart, and control high blood pressure. Regular exercises help to dissolve potentially dangerous blood clots and slow down the aging process of the body.

? 2. When you actively exercise, oxygen enters every cell of the body. That improves skin condition, blood circulation, and reflexes. Also, regular exercise enhances capillaries (small vessels). The most crucial functions of the organs of your body depend on their state.

? 3. Workouts tones the muscles, making them strong and long-lasting. They become more elastic while you become fit, attractive, and sexy. Your joints gain more range of motion. Exercise helps you gain and maintain your ideal weight, which you can not achieve by dieting alone.

? 4. Thanks to exercise, you can control your appetite because it increases the number of endorphins that your brain releases. They keep your body from feeling hungry until it needs ‘fuel.’

? 5. Exercises help to fight chronic fatigue. They give extra oxygen to your brain and make you more energetic throughout the day, increase vitality, and your body’s energy levels.

? 6. Regular exercise improves sleep at night, making it deeper and restful. It stimulates the production of endorphins, which help release the nervous tension accumulated during the day (inactive people often feel drained at the end of the day, which is not the case with active people, who are pleasantly tired). Exercise helps to prevent depression and insomnia not only because it relieves nervous tension but because it reduces the body’s excess adrenaline and hormones that contribute to stress.

? 7. Exercise also strengthens your self-confidence and self-esteem. Regardless of your age or physical condition, you feel that you can improve your well-being and looks.

? 8. Exercise stimulates metabolism (boosts metabolism) and intestinal peristalsis. It is easier to give up smoking if you are exercising. Athletes who quit smoking are known to cope more easily with heavy loads because they have an increased amount of oxygen to the tissues.

? 9. Good physical training helps you recover faster after serious illnesses, surgeries, injuries, and childbirth. That’s because strong muscles have a higher ability to utilize oxygen than weak ones, and the more oxygen they receive, the faster recovery of organs and tissue functions. Strong, exercised muscles have a much greater potential for recovery (than weak and flabby muscles). In some hospitals, patients undergoing chest or abdominal surgery are prescribed a specific exercise program for several weeks before their scheduled surgery.

? 10. You may want to exercise for relaxation or to improve your mood. Tests conducted by M. Carmack & R. Martens show that people who exercise for that reason get a much better emotional boost from exercise than those who exercise because someone told them how beneficial it is.

Each person can find his or her reasons for starting to exercise. One girl spent an entire year lifting weights and doing karate for self-defense. Another decided to get rid of her back pain by swimming a mile five times a week and doing special exercises for her abdominal and back muscles.

I know a guy who became a great boxing fighter. You should have seen how weak and skinny he was before he started training. People always called him loser. After a year of regular boxing lessons, no one said anything like that to him anymore.

Boxing Fighter

Remember, it’s not too late to start training and even taking part in competitions at any age, regardless of your state of health.

And heck, when I see mature men and women competing with younger people on equal in a fitness club, I am imbued with a deep belief that To be Healthy Is A Norm!





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