What Is The Importance Of Discipline?

What Is The Importance Of Discipline?

What is discipline? Is it a limitation of your freedom or gaining it? Discipline gives you control over your time and things. You decide what to do and when. So, is it freedom? Definitely yes. But what is the importance of discipline? Let’s talk about that in this post.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Discipline?

Discipline is following the order necessary to achieve a goal

It is a habit of doing what needs to be done and not what our lazy brain wants to do at the moment.

In the absence of discipline, external factors dictate your actions. You have to frequently adjust to the events created by others or to the various circumstances of life. Or you follow inner desires, deciding what you would like to do to kill the remaining time.

Can it be called freedom?

Being busy, reacting to circumstances, or wasting time on empty entertainment, rather than creating conditions yourself.

Discipline prevents you from being dissipated, makes your efforts more concentrated. For example, in boxing, our sympathy not goes to an athlete who carelessly waves his hands and runs away from the ring to drink water. We prefer his opponent, who throw a precise punch and send his opponent to a knockout.

How Does Self Discipline Lead To Success?

Self-discipline is a demand for yourself. I know that I won’t let myself go, and I won’t forgive myself if I don’t do what I have planned. That is the attitude that makes your actions effective and productive. And many things that were previously considered impossible become completed in the shortest time possible.

The question, how will I do it? does not arise because the answer is obvious, most efficiently, I will squeeze everything out of my abilities! Your will do wonders!

Besides, if you set personal goals, then self-discipline will be a very efficient tool in their achievement. However, if these goals are not your deepest needs and you set them because you “have to,” then self-discipline becomes an instrument of self-torture.

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Furthermore, I don’t know a single person who has been able to force themselves to do something for a long time without sincerely wanting to do it.

It is impossible to maintain a high motivation for an object for a long time if you rely only on your will. The goal must be engaging and bring joy or another achievement. And willpower is a quickly depleted resource.


To conclude, discipline is not an effort but the direct realization of desires. It occurs when there is lively interest, pleasure, and joy. You do not have to make a serious effort to be disciplined. It is a natural state for a person pursuing a specific goal.


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