How Can I Have A Mature Mindset?

How Can I Have A Mature Mindset?
In many of my post, I mention psychological work on yourself. But I have not yet given specific recommendations and directions for such work. However, I am sure that even the most advanced technique or the most useful advice will not help if you do not take active measures on changing and improving your inner world, on developing your maturity of mind.

The purpose of this post is to outline positive changes in your life – to help you become wiser and psychologically stronger. And as a bonus, you will get a positive effect on your health. So, if you want to have a mature mindset just read this post and try to follow as much recommendations as you can.

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What Is Maturity Of Mind?

There is so much talk these days about psychological growth and its result – maturity of mind. But no psychologist has yet been able to explain to me clearly what does it mean. I have tried to find the answer to this question myself.

Maturity of mind is a state that promotes flourishing in life, the unfolding of a person’s talents and abilities, constructive communication with others, adequate perception of reality, and the satisfaction of human needs in a socially acceptable way.

Maturity of mind promotes well-being in the family, excellent career and professional growth, and mutual understanding when communicating with people. In terms of energy, a mature person manages his mental and biological energies to constructive needs: creativity, love, development, education, rise in the standard of living.

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How To Mature Your Mindset?

I will name some characteristics of a mature mindset person. I do not claim their equivalence. What is vital and desirable for one person is long gone for the other. This list is a reference. I understand that it is difficult to imagine all these qualities in one person. Nevertheless, I think that development of just a few of these qualities in yourself considerably change your life in a better way.

❕A mature mindset person takes full responsibility for his life, for his successes and failures, for the quality of his life.

❕Do not look for easy answers to difficult questions.

❕Takes care of his personal growth: develops his abilities, gets rid of prejudices, changes habits, expands relationships, increases his professionalism, takes care of self-respect growth.

❕Never asks anyone what is right and what is wrong – decides by himself depending on desires and goals. However, listens to others’ thoughts but makes decisions by himself.

❕Trusts himself: feelings, needs, and mind. Knows that if there is a desire to do something – it is not by accident.

❕Does not make immutable rules.

❕This person is natural. He naturally shows his feelings and emotions. If he wants to cry, he cries. If he’s angry, he doesn’t hide it.

❕Takes care of his physical health.

❕He thinks not only about his own needs but also the needs of others.

❕Most likely religious. But not orthodox. It’s just that faith makes a person many times stronger and purer. For example, it shows up in one’s attitude toward death. But that is the subject of another post.

❕Don’t try to change (educate) other people but changes itself for the better. A personal example is the best educator.

❕Engaged in interesting creative activities that bring joy. That is why he achieves great heights in his profession.

❕Knows what he wants from life. Can set goals, plan and achieve them.

❕Takes into consideration his own most secret desires. Seeks opportunities to realize them.

❕Do not suffer from excessive modesty.

❕Do not have time for such things as rancor, vindictiveness, resentfulness.

❕Knows how to say ‘no.’

❕Is not afraid of loneliness and sees it as an opportunity to develop his abilities.

❕Able to be grateful.

❕Able to love and accept love.

❕Believes in himself and his abilities: in his ability to make the right decision, in his ability to set the right priorities, in his charm, in his independence. In a word, he trusts life, trusts people, trusts himself.

❕Actively acts in his interests, not afraid to spoil relations with others.

❕Seeks how to expand and deepen his knowledge.

❕Can build benevolent relations with people.

❕Do not set unrealistic goals: to subdue someone, to please everyone, to be perfect, to be always right.

❕Can separate business and personal relationships.

❕Manages his feelings and emotions. Has a developed emotional range. Possesses acting skills. When needed can be fearful, charming, etc.

❕Thinks positively. In any difficulty tries to see the positive side.

❕Can manage his time: do not lose it in vain, never gets bored.

❕Finds support in himself when it is difficult.

❕He knows how to forgive.

❕Honestly admits his weaknesses and strengths. Weakness in one situation may turn out to be a strength in another.

❕Able to set priorities in matters and relations.

❕Able to concentrate for a long time.

❕Stays away from whiners, pessimists, and envious people. Do not accept their friendly advice.

❕Knows how to speak: can convey his thoughts in simple and understandable language. He speaks and thinks clearly.

❕Has individuality: does things differently than others and is not ashamed of it. Also, have rituals or non-standard ways of doing things.

❕This person regrets that life is short and there is not much time to act, rather than by boredom and lack of knowledge on killing time.

❕He knows that everything has its time. Everything – any change, any process – takes time. And the more significant they are, the more time they require for their realization.

❕He knows how to hold the line. That means not giving up when it is difficult on the way to his goals. Resists criticism if it is unfair and accepts – if it is fair.

❕Appreciates communication because it is an opportunity to be enriched with ideas, feelings, and thoughts, to broaden and share his experience.

❕If he cannot solve a problem, he turns it into a question. Seeks answers to his questions and always finds them.

❕Has a sense of humor: see and understand funny things, and sometimes laugh in a difficult situation, treat himself with humor.

❕He is financially independent. Can organize his financial well-being. At the same time, he does not associate the value of personality with the size of a bank account.

❕Possesses a great deal of discernment. Able to see the background of what is going on. Due to this, sees the automatism of others’ actions (acting out of habit even where they should think).

❕He does not seize the opportunity to humiliate another person even if there is one. To humiliate another person is to lower yourself.

❕Do not advise unless asked to do so.

❕Does not idealize reality but accepts it as it is.

❕Can make decisions independently and quickly.

❕Knows that dreams are a significant part of life – a driving force in work and creativity. At the same time, he does not forget that dreaming is not enough – he has to work hard towards them.

❕He knows that if it’s difficult, he can go to a psychologist, if something hurts – to a physician.

❕Able to be a child, an adult, and a parent. Knows when and whom to be.

❕Able to rise above situations – prefer not to ‘bathe’ in unconstructive emotions.

❕Has a habit of getting a return on his efforts. Do not let them be useless.

❕If he has children, he knows that education and upbringing are different things. And it is more difficult to educate because he has to conform to his requirements.

❕Knows that gifts do not acquire rights.

❕He knows that to do someone a favor this person must be left alone.

❕Understands that sometimes you have to fight, fight to defend your rights. Tries to maintain an unstoppable warrior’s spirit.

❕His actions, thoughts, and words are directed in one direction. He worries when something has already happened, and not before.

❕Don’t believe that everything should go perfectly. However, failure is not a reason to retreat.

❕He is sometimes indecisive and confused. Sees this as movement and development of the soul. Realizes that crises are natural processes of growth, development, reevaluation.

❕Widens his social circle.

❕Honors his ancestors, understanding that without this, he does not deserve respect.

❕Knows that age and wisdom are not the same things.

❕Knows that there are no universal methods of achieving happiness and wealth. Everyone has their way, their circumstances, their baggage. So in each case, you have to think about when solving a physics problem. In physics, even seemingly very similar problems can have different ways of solving them.

Final Words

I wonder how your life will begin to change if you hang this list on your wall and reread it every day. Check it out yourself – it works!





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