Life And Fitness Motivation Tips

Fitness Motivation Tips

Over the past few years, I have started to devote quite a lot of time to exercises, and I am quite passionate about it. The experience of overcoming physical loads caused me to think out associations, and analogies, thanks to which I found some life and fitness motivation tips. Moreover, you can apply these tips to any area of your life.

The Main Tip

The main secret of motivation is the possibility of having fun from overcoming difficulties. In your life, you often face tasks that you have to solve. Some of them take too much time and effort. You might say that only masochists can enjoy difficulties. I have to disagree with you.

It’s all depends on what angle of view on life difficulties. Do you want to know how to develop a positive attitude toward obstacles? How to handle challenges with joy? How do you make them increase motivation? The advice is simple – use a formula:

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

When you exercise, you know that you are getting stronger. You’re out of breath, you’re putting your whole will into a fist, but you’re doing that last pull-up because you know for sure it’s going to make you stronger. Overcoming physical load is the way to improve your body.

It gets a little more complicated when you bring the principle into the realm of professional growth or personal development. It is not at all clear that your efforts in any of these areas cause positive changes. However, it is a perfectly valid fact.

Athlete Victory

Let’s take athletes. They came to their success through the constant overcoming of physical loads. But, for some reason, people usually connect other’s success to luck, proper relationships, etc. Perhaps it’s easier to live that way.

However, if you bother to study biographies of successful people, you will see the same thing. Constant overcoming of their weaknesses, overcoming of difficulties – that’s what created their success.

Your task is to remember this. Always associate another person’s success (material, spiritual, creative) with their work of overcoming themselves, just as you associate an athlete’s strength with overcoming physical loads.

When you face problems and difficulties, you become stronger. Be happy that you have a chance to become stronger. Moreover, seek this fight yourself. Let these problems and challenges motivate you, turn you on, make actions, and live to the fullest.

Final Effort

The final effort determines victory in everything. When you exercise, you get the most out of the last three push-ups, or pull-ups, or the last meters of the distance.

It doesn’t matter how many reps you’ve done before or how many miles you’ve run – your strength grows when you do those last movements. That is the moment when you train your willpower.

You have to understand that comparisons to someone else are not appropriate here. It’s only your strength matters and your will – focus on them and do one more rep this time, and just a little bit more.

The same is true in any other area. No one will appreciate your great business plan and a month of scrupulous and time-consuming work if you don’t take your last hardest step – start of Your Own Business.

No matter how long you were trying to tell the girl that you love her – if, at the last and most significant moment, you step aside and let her go.

Woman Walking Away

Victory is always there – in the final effort. And any, even a small triumph vastly increases motivation.

All Changes Come From Within Inside – Out

All changes always start within. They are hidden, invisible. You have nothing to show to those who will require results from you and doubt your abilities.

Establish for yourself a time of inner confidence. You will need it and some time to discover your potential, to find your strength.

Are you on a new path? Who knows better than you what are you struggling with? Who knows better than you how much effort you are putting in it? Who can doubt your success? No one!

Let the whole world stand aside for a while with its demands and expectations.

? Your company will give its profit – it just needs some time to get more efficient.

? Your body will become more robust and more appealing – give it time to develop.

? Your love will become strong – let that sprout grow.

You see your success inside you before the whole world sees it outside.

Constant Effort

Nothing on earth can replace constant effort. Throw a stone into the sky, and it will fall. A bird flies only because of the constant flapping of its wings. Give yourself a day of tough physical challenges – all you’ll get is fatigue.

Achieving a goal is a process. I recently set a goal to become more physically strong (it was specific – 20 pull-ups). Only once I was able to do 20 pull-ups – that was in a university. Ten years have passed since then, and all my attempts to repeat the result failed.

I did 18 pull-ups, then 17, then 16…14…13…12….10

From time to time, I resumed my workouts. But I was only able to increase my score a little bit (+2 or +3 pull-ups).
But not this time, I’ve changed in the last years, and now I know for sure that constant effort brings results. Today, I have reached 19 pull-ups (starting from 10), and I am sure that in the few next months, it will be 20.

You cannot build a company in 2 weeks, or you cannot get a perfect body in 2 months, or you cannot build harmonious family relationships in one year.

Set goals and act until you achieve them or you no longer need them. Your motivation grows from the constant effort, not from one-time action.

Change Your Approach

If your progress has stopped, it doesn’t mean you’ve maxed out – it means it’s time to change an approach.
Continuous linear growth has its limitations. You have to change tactics or even strategy from time to time to reach new peaks.

When you start exercising with 8 kg dumbbells, you can achieve some results, but they will have limits. These limits are defined precisely by the weight of the dumbbell – 8 kg.

After a certain period (it’s individual), you will reach the peak. No matter how much you will exercise further, there won’t be a growth of muscle mass. You will need a new weight. There is such a rule, “If you can do more than ten reps in a set, it is time to increase weight.” The same is true in other areas.

Did you start a business as an individual entrepreneur? No matter how hard you try, you can’t make Microsoft profits. That’s the difference between an individual and a company.

If your growth has stopped, it means that it is time to change the tools: another weight, a new timeline, another level of relationships.

Don’t drive a Ferrari in the 1st gear – there are others

Find Answers To Your ‘WHY?’ And ‘WHAT FOR?’

Why? Why did I set such a goal of 20 pull-ups? That is because I’ve read a lot about success techniques and decided to test them in practice. They had already proven themselves in other areas. What about my body?

As I mentioned before, I was not able to reach my goal for four months. Has anything changed during this time? Has all the time spent studying “techniques for success” really been wasted? I wanted to prove to myself that it did, that it worked – that’s my ‘WHY?’. You must be clear and precise about the answer to this question.

The uncertainty of the answer is a significant barrier to success. So why drill holes in the bottom of the ship when you set sail on it. Surely you can patch them? But here’s my question, “Do you need the extra hassle?”

Spending time finding out the exact answers to these questions is a valuable investment in the future of your success.

Why do you want to go into business? Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want the financial freedom that depends on you?

Girls, why do you want a slim body? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to wear fashionable clothes?

‘Why?’ and ‘For What?’ These are essential questions for powerful motivation.

You passionately want to experience something in your life. Desire is one of the strongest feelings. It overcomes all difficulties. If you are passionate about the experience of flying – you will find the time, the money, the way (paraglider, hang glider, skydiving, your plane, etc.).

If you are passionate about being with that woman – you will find the way to her heart (or body ?). If you are passionate about having your company – you will find the necessary knowledge, relationships, money.

But first, take a few evenings to figure out what in your life you want to experience! Light a fire inside❗

In Conclusion

I want to become physically strong. I want to feel that – the physical strength of my body. That is just one of my passionate desires. So let it be the first one to come true. Good luck to you finding your passions, and don’t forget about life and fitness motivation tips and achieving goals!


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