Whats Wrong With The One Size Fits All Approach To Fitness?

Whats Wrong With The One Size Fits All Approach To Fitness?

Today, there is more advice regarding fitness and weight loss than ever before. This is understandable, considering that obesity is trending upwards.

Having plenty of information available and easily accessible is a good thing. Still, the problem comes in when certain experts sell their weight loss and fitness strategies as one-size-fits-all solutions.

Regardless of your health situation, age or lifestyle, they guarantee that their “special diets and training programs” will help you lose weight and get fitter.

But if there is anything we know about the human body, each is unique in a multitude of ways.

Factors like hormones, genetics, gender, and age render each body different from others.

How one individual might respond to a particular diet or workout program may be different from how others react to it.

The Problem With Diets And Training Programs

A self-professed weight loss expert will come up with a diet and declare it the savior for anyone struggling with weight loss.d

A fitness guru will sell a workout program, promising that it is what you have been waiting for to finally get rid of the excess fat.

Even worse, they go to the extent of promising instant and unrealistic results.

They want you to believe that you will lose 30 pounds in a week without so much as raising your finger.

Pop this pill, they say.

Put on this belt, they urge.

Buy our supplements, they shout.

The truth is, none of that has ever and will ever work.

We are not living in an illiterate age where scientific information is scarce.

There is rugged and proven research regarding weight loss.

Science has proven again and again that two factors stand out above others when it comes to bodyweight and fitness: diet and exercise.

There are other factors such as hormones and genetics, but food and exercise are the major ones.

Sometimes, the weight loss industry will use shady science to convince you they have the magic wand.

What they conveniently fail to mention is that any solution worth its salt requires…

Hard Work, Determination, And Discipline.

Their magic pills apparently require none of these.

They will cite incorrect facts or claim a new discovery that makes their weight loss or fitness products foolproof.

Too many people fall for these instant-results solutions only to end up disappointed and heartbroken.

In the worst of cases, their health is left far worse than at the beginning.

There Are No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

If there really was a simple universal solution to weight loss, obesity would not be such a pressing problem.

But the fact that heart disease is still the biggest killer in the United States and globally should tell you we haven’t yet found a magic pill for fitness.

Putting aside those hyped diet plans and super-fitness programs, the best solutions are those you can maintain for the rest of your life.

Many people approach getting fit as a short-term goal.

They think about how they will lose weight and slim up by the end of the year but do not consider how they will remain that way for 5 or 10 years to come.

Fitness Is A Lifetime Habit.

Don’t just think about losing weight; also, think about staying healthy for the next several decades.

Losing weight is easy compared to what it takes to keep that weight off.

You, therefore, need to get into a habit that you can stick to for weeks, months, and years.

Can you live on a juice cleanse for months?

Can you strain to exercise for several hours every day for years?

Of course not.

Can you maintain a 30-minute and 5 days a week workout routine for years?

Can you live on a diet of assorted veggies, proteins, fruits, and healthy carbs?

Most likely, yes.

The best fitness and weight loss solutions are those that turn into a habit.

They integrate so smoothly into your life you barely see them as a struggle after some time.

At first, however, as I said, patience, discipline, and hard work are indispensable qualities you need to have.

How Would You Know If A Diet Or Exercise Program Is Right For You?

Here is a simple checklist you can use whenever you are confronted by a flashy new solution being marketed by weight loss companies or experts.

Compare it against this checklist, and if it ticks all the boxes, sign up for it.

✅ Is It Safe?

Unfortunately, some companies and individuals are not above putting people at a health risk to sell their magic solutions.

Here you need to carry out some research of your own.

Thankfully, there is plenty of easily accessible information online to help you.

Closely scrutinize the program and then research its safety.

Does it recommend dangerous practices like starvation?

Does it leave out some safety warnings?

Is it based on proven science?

Take this all into consideration.

✅ Can I Sustain It For Years?

Is the diet plan or fitness program something you can turn into a regular habit without putting your health at risk?

Most importantly, can you sustain it without burning out and giving up?

The best solutions recommend you start slowly and then ramp it up as the body adapts to the new lifestyle.

✅ Am I Making Progress?

If the solution passes the first two checkpoints, implement it for a few days or weeks before final judgment.

This will help you determine whether the solution actually works.

If you feel healthier, energized, getting fitter, and losing weight, you have found your own magic pill (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Only this time, the magic works by the result of hard work, effort, and discipline.


When you are overweight and unfit, desperation is often the biggest enemy.

You can easily get sold on fake and even dangerous fitness solutions that will pull you further back from your journey to full health.

Know yourself, cultivate a character of hard work, get the right knowledge from suitable sources, and then find a weight loss path that is perfect for you.

That, my friend, is the real solution to any weight loss problems. Be healthy! ?





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